Cost Analysis (2Q, 2018)

There are two types of Cost Analysis provided by UBI Research. One is the BOM cost of flexible OLEDs produced by Samsung Display, and the other is WRGB OLED panel production cost of LG Display.


The material costs for Galaxy S and flexible OLED for iPhone produced by Samsung Display, the largest OLED maker for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs and smart watches, are the key information that latecomers should know in order to secure cost competitiveness. BOM cost of flexible OLED used in Galaxy S9 of Samsung Display in the second quarter decreased about 10% compared to the previous quarter. The reason for the cost decrease is that the yield of the whole process has been improved.


The manufacturing technology of OLED panel for TVs includes WRGB OLED structure currently being manufactured by LG Display, solution processed OLED using inkjet technology, and finally QD-OLED (blue OLED) being developed by Samsung Display.  The 77-inch WRGB OLED produced by LG Display is estimated to be in the surplus after the depreciation is over. The depreciation of the E4-1 line, which produces 55 inches and 65 inches, is scheduled to be finished next year. As a result, 55-inch and 65-inch WRGB OLED panels will be competitive compared to LCD and other OLED technologies. In the 65-inch OLED TV, which is the flagship product of the premium TV market, panel manufacturing cost is analyzed as US$ 967. Among overall manufacturing costs, the panel cost accounts for the largest portion at 52%.


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