This report presents 2005 current OLED panel enterprises’ product development status and distribution by countries and an analysis on OLED enterprises’ world trend that explains the OLED development/production line investment trend.

2004 was when PMOLED determined its place in the market with mobile phone external screen and displays for MP3s. Also, it was the time when SONY made a moment of proof of AMOLED’S products.

2004 was the beginning of marketing PMP that contains SK’S AMOLED in Korea. In 2005, it is expected that mobile machinery supporting satellite DMB broadcasting plus media as main content to be the principal issue. The role of contents alteration is seriously important in display market where provides the key word information. If 2004 mobile phone market key word is Digital Camera Mobile Phone in Korea, it is predicted that the key word will be changed to Media Phone which requires a high response speed in 2005.

Republic of Korea has the most advantageous infra because they not only have display manufacturing enterprises but also a very competitive equipments, spare parts, and material enterprises which Korea is now considered as the world strongest display country. Also, the display associated human force that was begun from the Braun Tube is being considered as the world’s best human technology. Moreover, the world’s first display major department appeared in Korea after the semiconductor major department appearance during the semiconductor’s meridian age.

The general infra system construction is the opportunity to obtain a better position in future developing display market as well as for newly established OLED market.

The goal of this report is to analyze product developing direction and investment plan for each enterprise around the world by understanding the 2005 OLED panel enterprises, developing products, and producing products.

1. Introduction

2. OLED Panel Enterprise

2.1 OLED module Enterprises by country

2.2 OLED module Enterprises classification for driving method

2.3 AMOLED mass production and pilot installation status by enterprise

2.4 PMOLED installation status by enterprise

3. OLED Product Launches/Developments

3.1 AUO

3.2 ELDis / Pioneer

3.3 Epson

3.4 Hitachi


3.6 LG Philips LCD

3.7 Opto Tech.

3.8 Philips

3.9 RiTdisplay

3.10 Samsung SDI

3.11 SEC

3.12 Sanyo

3.13 TDK

3.14 TMD

3.15 Toppoly


3.17 Varitronix

3.18 Visionox

3.19 Univision

4. OLED Panel Product Overview

4.1 eMagin

4.2 MED ( MicroEmmision Displays)

4.3. NeoView KOLON

4.4. LG Electronics, Ness Display, Nippon Seiki, TDK and Teco

4.5 Opto Tech.

4.6 OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

4.7 Optrex

4.8 Philips

4.9 Orion Electric

4.10 Pioneer

4.11 RiTdisplay

4.12 Samsung OLED

4.13 SK Display and Sony

5. Conclusion

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