2006 is very important period for OLED industry. The reason is the AMOLED industry transformation of PMOLED into AMOLED with its high expectations.

The eye of display enterprises is focused on the AMOLED industrialization due to AMOLED business high expectation in OLED industry. Every enterprises preparing for AMOLED industry displayed their products to inform their own technology before the mass production plan.

This report catches the newest trend of OLED industry through newly presented OLED panels and each enterprise’s main panel products in 2006.

PDF 46pages No.21 2006.7

There was noticeable progress for OLED industry in first half year in 2006. OLED panel enterprises presented new technology panel products during many exhibitions and institutes.

Republic of Korea is where OLED panel enterprises showed a positive image during first half year in 2006. Especially, Korea showed unique features in AMOLED fields among many large enterprises. Samsung SDI presented their AMOLED industry preparation status through varieties of public discussion information. In addition, they showed a competitive movement against TFT-LCD by comparing TFT-LCD and their AMOLED in SID 2006 exhibition. Samsung Electronics aiming for middle large market, also gave a strong image by presenting their brand new three AMOLED products. The products they presented were 4.3 inch, 10 inch, 11 inch AMOLED which showed their strong technology in SID 2006 exhibition. Within LG series, LG Philips LCD AMOLED appeared as the formal leading AMOLED in the market. LG Philips LCD presented 2.4 AMOLED in SID 2006 exhibition and they informally presented 2.2 inch and 20.1 inch AMOLED for neighbor hotel customer.

This repost includes the information about 2006 first half year’s main OLED products and the technology information during the main display exhibitions and institutes. It also organized the 2006 OLED industries by enterprises’ presented products by clearly organizing them.

1. OLED panel industry trend ????????????????????????4
2. Korea OLED panel industry trend ????????????????5
3. Korea OLED panel enterprises ????????????????????6
3.1 Samsung SDI ???????????????????????????????????7
3.2 Samsung Electronics ????????????????????????12
3.3 LG.PHILIPS.LCD ??????????????????????????????14
4. OLED panel industry trend ???????????????????????16
5. Taiwan OLED panel enterprises ??????????????????17
5.1 CMEL ????????????????????????????????????????????17
5.2 AUO ??????????????????????????????????????????????20
5.3 TPO ???????????????????????????????????????????????21
5.4 UNIVISION ?????????????????????????????????????22
6. Japan OLED panel industry trend ????????????????26
7. Japan OLED panel enterprises ????????????????????27
7.1 TMD ?????????????????????????????????????????????27
7.2 FUJI ELECTRIC????????????????????????????????28
7.3 TDK ??????????????????????????????????????????????29
7.4 OPTREX ????????????????????????????????????????30
8. Other Foreign OLED panel enterprises ?????????32
8.1 CDT ??????????????????????????????????????????????32
8.2 KODAK?????????????????????????????????????????34
8.3 DUPONT DISPLAY??????????????????????????35
8.4 OTB DISPLAY ????????????????????????????????36
9. OLED Panel Technology Trend ?????????????????37
10. OLED Panel associated enterprises list ??????43

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