2013 Flexible AMOLED Report, Technology Analysis and Market Forecast 2014~2018


The age of curved OLED has literally opened thanks to launching curved smart phone released by Samsung Elec. following LG curved OLED TV. Flexible OLED is a legendary display ultra light, thin and easy to be designed unlike products made of glasses.

The future involved with flexible OLED is highly priceless. In the 20th century with Braun tube and STN-LCD, markets of TV and mobile devices have drastically improved for last ten years due to appearance of TFT-LCD. That is, flexible OLED supposed to be used for wearable PC will create a new age for appearance of diverse media again.

In the age of curved media, not only display but also various components such as battery, case and touch screen will be continuously curved, which creates new businesses in the component industry.

Market outlook data of the report is written by simulating based on business strategy, investment strategy, product production strategy, process specification, TRM(technology road map) and PRM(product road map) of flexible OLED panel companies leading the age or curved media for the future.

The report includes a process chart by analyzing process of companies leading flexible AMOLED panel technology and what kind of technology each company focuses on by investigating flexible AMOLED patents domestically and internationally for a year.

The report aims to report how deal with the age of curved media for material companies and equipment companies related to OLED as well as companies supposed to run flexible AMOLED panel business. It can be a navigator to present how to survive in the age of flexible OLED for companies related to TFT-LCD.

Format : PDF / Page : 102p / Updated : 2013. 10


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