2014 OLED Emitting Material Annual Report, Market Forecast(~2020)


It is expected that the growth rate of the materials market which grew rapidly till 2012 will slow down to 2015 as the operation rate of Samsung Display (SSD)’s line declines due to the low sales of Galaxy S4. However, the market is projected to grow largely again in 2016 when the OLED TV market is forecasted to vitalize.

In “2014 OLED Emitting Materials Annual Report Market Forecast (~2020)” published by UBI Research, the OLED luminescent materials market is forecasted to grow to about 543 billion won by 22%.

The report analyzed the disclosed/registered patents for OLED Emitting materials in 2013 and the trend of material developments on luminescent materials by domestic and foreign companies. Korea topped with 423 patents by accounting for 47% of the total disclosed/registered 893 patents on OLED luminescent materials in 2013. It is analyzed that SSD topped the list with 79 cases and followed by Konica Minolta, SEL, Idemitsu Kosan and Canon in the total ranking by the number of disclosed/registered patent.

Analysis results on AI (Activity Index) of major companies from 2011 to 2013 showed that SSD is more concentrated on patents for increasing brightness while Idemitsu Kosan tends to focus on patents for blue host and improving lifetime.


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