2014 Solution Process OLED Report


This research was prepared through the analysis of the information attained by interviewing the panel manufacturers, equipment companies, material and research institute personnel, and data acquired with organizers’ consents as personally participating in various conferences and exhibitions in company with the UBI Research’s OLED related data base assets accumulated more than ten years.

The market prospect data in this report was simulated based on the database of the UBI Research considering the panel company’s investment trend, production capacity, process technology level, soluble OLED material performance, and printing equipment development level of the equipment company.

Key Point Summary

It has been proved that the AMOLED panel of RGB structure can be mass produced by the solution process as Panasonic reveals the solution process 4K OLED TV in 2012 and AUO announced at the SID 2014 the 65-inch FHD AMOLED panel using the hybrid process applying the ink jet printing method and deposition method simultaneously.

The 2014 Solution Process OLED Report expected that the solution process AMOLED panel will be shipped from 2016 considering the levels of process equipment and material development until now.
The Solution process OLED is an OLED produced as printing the liquid state material. The general RGB OLED panel is manufactured by the deposition method with the material efficiency of about 10% and it is not possible to produce a large area substrate over the size of Gen 6.

In case of the solution process, the material efficiency is theoretically 100% saving the panel manufacturing cost and a large area OLED panel of RGB structure is producible in Gen 8 line as a sheet.

Though the flaws of the solution process OLED was pointed out in that the resolution is 200ppi level and the quality is low compared to the deposition materials, it was analyzed that the 8K high-resolution panel can be mass produced from the FHD panel of 8.4-inch to over 30-inch in RGB method as it is possible to produce an OLED panel of 300 ppi due to the reduction of printing error lately. The currently selling OLED panel for a tablet PC is in pentile method and the actual resolution is about 262 ppi.

The qualities of the luminescent materials were improved as well. Thus far, the efficiencies of the red and green among solution process luminescent materials were developed very close to the level of the deposition materials. In particular, in case of green, the solution-processed small molecular materials excelled the efficiency of the polymeric materials for deposition.


Solution Process AMOLED Business Plan Feasibility Analysis
The investment on the solution process OLED and mass production scenario were proposed by investigating and analyzing the present solution process level and soluble material development stage.

Key Issue Analysis
The solution process OLED related key issues of 2014 were analyzed to identify the influences on the solution process industry.

Solution Process OLED Market Prospect (2016~2020)
The solution process OLED Market was forecasted by analyzing the business status and technology development stages of panel manufactures, equipment companies, and material suppliers, and set market’s demands. The market forecast data is composed of the panel, substrate, luminescent material and equipment materials by application. It is possible to apprehend the overall trend of the solution process OLED related market as well as detailed market.

Solution Process Outline
Reviewed the definition, structure, detailed process, and comparison analysis with the deposition process of the Solution Process.

Solution Process OLED Technology Analysis
Covers the definition and technology development stages of the solution process OLED including the major printing technology of the Ink jet printing and Slot-die printing.

Solution Process OLED Development History Analysis
Analyzed the Solution process AMOLED and PMOLED, and lighting panel development companies and the characteristics of panels manufactured by each company. It is easy to identify the development stage improvements and development directions as the solution process OLED development history was demonstrated allowing to recognize at a glance.

Solution Process OLED Business Company Trends
The trends of solution process OLED industry by each company are comprehended as containing the development trends and current status of the solution process OLED related companies.

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