2014 White OLED Display Annual Report


LG Elec. announced 77 inch UHD curved OLED TV and Samsung Elec. showed 55 inch one at IFA after they released 55 inch FHD curved OLED TV in 2013, which means that OLED TV has been enlarged and become high resolution.

Panel types currently applied for OLED TV can be classified under two types, WOLED of LG Elec. and RGB type of Samsung Elec. While RGB type of Samsung Elec. has trouble with being enlarged due to drooping substrate, WOLED of LG Elec. is able to apply for Gen8 원장 evaporation and easy to be enlarged. As companies to develop WOLED type have appeared to realize high resolution for small and medium mobile devices, OLED panel technologies are expected to change RGB into WOLED.

UBI RESEARCH analyzed technology development, investment plan and pattern of white OLED display companies in the world through “2014 White OLED Display Annual Report” and expected the market through simulation. It also presented guild lines for companies involved with rapidly changeable OLED markets by analyzing technology issues and patents of WOLED display.

According to the report, the WOLED display market will be formed $745 million in 2014 and increase up to $31,278 million until 2020, showing about 100% growth. 55 inch products will account for more than 70% market share until 2018 and be expected to be main application.

Mobile products with WOLED display will be expected to be released in 2015 and form roughly a $3,000 million market with 5 inch size.
With the growth of WOLED display, related equipment markets will dramatically increase. A $4,727 WOLED equipment market will be formed in 2017.

In 2014, investment to supplement a-si line into oxide line is expected, new investment will begin in 2015 and investment for Gen10 will start in 2017.

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