2015 OLED Display Annual Report



* OLED Display Annual Report provides updated information. (Except the Single-Hard Copy)

–Report Update: May (Q1), August (H1), November (Q3)

–Report Format: It will be provided as an Excel spreadsheet.


The data used in this report has been gathered through wired/wireless communication or Q&A in person, and participation in exhibitions, conferences and seminars under the hosts’ consent  based on OLED companies.

The market prospect data in this report has been written by calculating the optimum numerical value of the expected operating rate and the yield rate based on UBI Research’s DB in accordance with investment trends and the technological level of AMOLED panel companies.


Executive summary

Summarized a large body of material to enable to rapidly become acquainted with main issues of the report

Recent Issue Analysis

Selected and analyzed the latest OLED industry related major issues.

AMOLED Employing Product Trend

The display applications changing in relation to the evolution of information delivery media were analyzed. By exploring the trends of products using AMOLED, the AMOLED panel development trends was identified enabling to forecast the types, technologies, and applying materials for the AMOLED panel which will be used in the future applications.

AMOLED Panel Manufacturer Trend / Investment Trend

The investment plans and business directions of the panel manufactures in 2015 are provided based on the trends and investments made in the previous year by the major AMOLED panel manufacturers.

Supply Chain and panel structure analysis

This section analyzes the structure and related equipment of OLED panel which is mass-produced by both Samsung display and LG display along with the supply chains of the material suppliers.

Analysis of AMOLED Panel Market

The market achievement of AMOLED panel in 2014 was analyzed.

Analysis Market Forecast

The markets for the AMOLED panel, luminescent materials and equipment by 2020 are analyzed based on the investment plans of manufacturers and the DB of UBI Research.

Format : PDF / Page : 131p / Updated : 2015. 2


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