2016 OLED Display Annual Report


The data used for this report has been compiled, based on OLED companies’ information, though wired/wireless communication or in person, and participation in exhibitions, conferences, and seminars with the organizers’ consent.
The market forecast data in this report has been collected through simulation based on expected operation rate and yield rate on the basis of UBI Research’s DB in accordance with investment trends and the technological level of AMOLED panel companies.

Executive Summary
A summary for quick understanding of the entire report.

2016 Forecast Capa. Analysis of OLED Mass Production Line
In order to differentiate products, Apple is actively considering flexible AMOLED panel application to iPhone, and Chinese panel companies are expected to actively mass produce mainstream AMOLED panel from 2016. The key points of 2016 investment are expected to be the supplier for initial quantity of flexible AMOLED panel estimated to be equipped to Apple’s iPhone, and whether additional lines will be established following Chinese panel companies’ active mass production. This report analyzed lines with investment prospect in 2016 based on the investment plan in Jan 2016 by companies.

Samsung Elec. and Apple’s Flexible AMOLED Panel Application and Investment Forecast
Samsung Elec. and Apple had big impact on smartphone market expansion with Galaxy series and iPhone series respectively. The flexible AMOLED panel application by Samsung Elec. and Apple is expected to have significant effects on the display market. Based on the sales per Galaxy series and iPhone series so far and global smartphone demand, the annual sales of flexible AMOLED panel applied Samsung Elec. and Apple’s smartphone was forecasted until 2020. Accordingly, the required capa. was analyzed.

Trend Analysis of AMOLED Application Products  
AMOLED applied sets were categorized into products and analyzed the trend. This can be used to estimate future application’s AMOLED panel spec. such as size and resolution. Through CES 2016 and IFA 2015’s key exhibition highlights, AMOLED set development trend can be understood.

Investment Trend of AMOLED Panel Companies / Investment Trend
Through the 2015 trend of key panel companies, the general trend of OLED industry can be understood. Each panel companies’ technology trend and panel release trend have been analyzed per panel size. Due to Chinese panel companies’ active mass production of mainstream panels and Korean companies’ flexible OLED panel mass production line investment, it is expected that there will be much changes to the market status in 2016. This report can be used to forecast the panel companies’ investment plans and business direction in 2016 based on the 2015 investment contents of key AMOLED panel companies by countries.

Supply Chain and Panel Structure Analysis  
The structure of OLED panels being mass produced by Samsung Display and LG Display is analyzed as well as the related manufacturing equipment, and material companies supply chain.

AMOLED Panel Market Performance Analysis
In 2015 the small and mid-size panel market grew due to the mainstream AMOLED panel and flexible AMOLED panel demand increase. TV panels also showed high growth rate through demand stabilization and shipment increase. This report can be used to understand market status through AMOLED panel market performance analysis by quarter, half, and year.

AMOLED Panel Market Forecast
Based on the companies investment plans and UBI Research database, forecast AMOLED panel, emitting materials, and manufacturing equipment markets until 2020. The total market and markets by country, size, and substrate have been analyzed. Through the forecast CAGR, detailed market can ben understood.

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1. Research Background (6)

2. Executive Summary (8)

3. Encapsulation Outline (11)

4. Transparent Gas Barrier Film Issue Analysis (15)
4.1 Application Status
4.2 Applicable Areas
4.3 Market Entry Prospect (Mobile & TV)
4.4 Opportunity / Threat Factor Analysis
4.5 Development Direction and Status
4.6 Market Forecast

5. Atomic Layer Deposition Encapsulation Technology Trend (27)
5.1 Existing Thin Film Encapsulation Technology Issues
5.2 ALD Characteristics and Issues
5.3 ALD Technology and Process
5.4 ALD Key Panel Companies Trend
5.5 Conclusions

6. Encapsulation Development Trend (39)
6.1 Encapsulation Technology Trend
6.2 Hybrid Encapsulation History

7. Encapsulation Trend Analysis of Key Companies (47)
7.1 Panel Companies’ Encapsulation Trend

7.2 Manufacturing Equipment Companies’ Encapsulation Trend
7.3 Materials Companies’ Encapsulation Trend
7.4 Encapsulation Process by Companies

8. Encapsulation Supply Chain Analysis (93)

9. AMOLED Panel Market Forecast by Encapsulation Technology (2016-2020) (95)
9.1 Total Shipment
9.2 Total Revenue
9.3 Frit Glass Type AMOLED
9.4 Hybrid Type AMOLED

10. Encapsulation Equipment Market Forecast (2016-2020) (102)
10.1 Total Equipment Market
10.2 Encapsulation Equipment Market
10.3 by Technology
10.4 by Country

11. Encapsulation Materials Market Forecast (2016-2020) (107)
11.1 Total
11.2 Transparent Gas Barrier
11.3 Metal Foil
11.4 Organic Materials

There may be minor changes in the schedule.


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