2016 OLED Lighting Annual Report



Global Lighting OLED Market, USD 1,600 Million in 2020… Half by LG Display


Global OLED Lighting panel revenue market share(출처=UBI Research 2016 OLED Lighting Annual Report)

Global OLED lighting panel market is rapidly growing each year. In 2020, it is expected to record USD 1,600 million, and LG Display is estimated to occupy 53%.

According to 2016 OLED Lighting Annual Report, published by UBI Research on 8 August, the global OLED lighting panel market is expected to record USD 114 million in 2016 and show CAGR of 66% in 2017-2025.

Advantages of OLED lighting includes high energy efficiency and diverse application areas. The fact that the restrictions on the use of incandescent light is being tightened is also one of the reasons that OLED lighting is receiving much attention. As such, the global OLED lighting panel market will continue to grow and record USD 1,600 million in 2020.

LG Display is the only company that carried out investment while possessing OLED lighting panel mass production technology. In early 2016, OLED lighting business was moved from LG Chem. to LG Display.

In March, LG Display decided on 15K monthly capa. of Gen5 OLED lighting panel mass production line investment, and is actively expanding this business. The company is expected to record 53% of 2020 global OLED lighting panel sales with USD 848 million.

In terms of application areas, general indoor downlight and automotive lighting are estimated to show rapid growth and occupy the largest proportion of the OLED lighting market. Furthermore, OLED lighting market is expanding in other areas such as outdoor, medical, and exhibition use.

UBI Research estimates that in 2025, the automotive OLED lighting panel market will grow to record USD 2,786 million, and indoor lighting panel market to USD 3,409 million.


1. Market Forecast

  • Total Lighting Market Analysis Period: 2016 – 2020
  • OLED Lighting Market Analysis Period: 2016 – 2025
  • OLED Lighting Emitting Materials Market Analysis Period: 2016 – 2025
  • Analysis Content: Total, by Application/Substrate)
2. OLED Lighting Panel Companies

  • Recent Trend: 10 Companies including LG Display
  • Business Strategy: 9 Companies including LG Display
  • History Analysis: 6 Companies including LG Display


1. Executive Summary

2. Next Generation Lighting Market, OLED Lighting Success Prospect?
2.1 Total Lighting Market Forecast and Trend
2.2 OLED Lighting Industry’s Current Status
2.3 OLED Lighting Entrance Possible Market
2.4 OLED Lighting Application by Lighting Merits

3. Automotive OLED Lighting Development Trend and Market Forecast

4. Trend Analysis of Key OLED Companies
4.1 Outline
4.2 LG Display
4.3 Osram
4.4 OLEDWorks
4.5 Panasonic
4.6 Sumitomo Chemical
4.7 Kaneka
4.8 Lumiotec
4.9 Konica Minolta
4.10 NEC Lighting
4.11 Pioneer (MPOL)
4.12 Others

5.History Analysis of OLED Panel Companies Development
5.1 LG Display
5.2 Osram
5.3 OLEDWorks
5.4 Panasonic
5.5 Lumiotec
5.6 Kaneka.
5.7 Key Development History

6. Business Strategy of Key OLED Lighting Panel Companies

7.Supply Chain Analysis

8.OLED Lighting Cost Analysis Following LG Display Investment
8.1 Outline
8.2 by Stack
8.3 Materials Cost Analysis
8.4 Production Cost Analysis
8.5 Mass Production Manufacturing Equipment Analysis
8.6 Panel Cost Analysis

9. OLED Lighting Panel Market Forecast
9.1 Outline
9.2 Total
9.3 by Application
9.4 by Substrate

10. OLED Lighting Emitting Material Market Forecast
10.1 Total
10.2 by Substrate
10.3 OLED Display vs. OLED Lighting

11. OLED Lighting Manufacturing Process
11.1 Anode Process
11.2 OLED Evaporation Process
11.3 Encapsulation Process

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