2017 AR and VR Display Market Report

UBI Research Publishes AR and VR Display Market Report:
AR and VR Market, Active Expansion in 2019 – What Propels the Growth?

  • Forecast of US$ 58,700 million of total revenue of AR and VR in 2021
  • Active expansion expected in 2019 with UHD contents mass production and fast transfer of large size content for VR through introduction of 5G

With recent ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) progress, fourth industrial revolution is receiving attention as the new growth engine. Along with the increased interest in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), products such as Oculus Rift and Gear VR continue to be released.

Released AR products include glass types such as Microsoft’s HoloLens and Google’s Google Glass. HMD (Head Mounted Display) based VR type products include Oculus VR’s Oculus Rift, HTC’s Valve, and Sony’s PlayStation VR, and smartphone based VR types include Samsung Electronics’ Gear VR.

According to AR and VR Display Market Report published by UBI Research on 7th, AR and VR product shipment is expected to record 17 million units in 2017 with US$ 3,900 million revenue. UHD contents mass production and introduction of 5G for fast processing large size VR content are expected from 2019. Accordingly, total shipment of AR and VR products is estimated to increase at approximately 54% CAGR, and show 96.4 million units of shipment and US$ 58,700 million revenue.

The report divided the market by product and display for AR and VR market analysis, which is further categorized into AR and VR product total market, market by VR product, AR and VR use display total market, AR and VR use OLED, and market by other display type.

For immersive virtual reality experience without dizziness, display conditions such as latency, FOV, refresh rate, and high resolution were selected as key issues and were analyzed. AR and VR products released between 2014 and 2016 were arranged by types, categorized by display type and key companies and analyzed.

Furthermore, business status of key IT companies, including Apple and Facebook, is included handling AR and VR product release status, related patent, and related company takeover. With the information on key panel companies’ AR and VR product exhibition status, the report is expected to be conducive to understanding key trends of related companies.

UBI Research estimates AR and VR use OLED shipment to be 2.6 million units in 2017, with 2.4 million units of other displays. OLED is expected to show 52% of market share with 48% of other display. In 2021, AR and VR use OLED is expected to show shipment of 52 million units and occupy 80% of the market.

<Shipment Forecast by AR and VR use Display Type>



1. AR and VR use display requirements(outline, latency, refresh rate, FOV, high resolution)

2. AR and VR product exhibition trend of key panel companies(Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan)

3. Market Trend

  • Total AR and VR display market analysis period: 2017 – 2021
  • Analysis content: AR and VR product market, VR product market by type, total AR and VR use display market, AR and VR display market by type


1. Executive Summary

2. AR and VR Outline
2.1 Definition
2.2 Components
2.3 Applicable Business Sector

3. AR and VR use Display Requirement
3.1 Outline
3.2 Latency
3.3 Refresh Rate
3.4 FOV (Field Of View)
3.5 High Resolution

4. AR and VR use Display Trend
4.1 LCD
4.2 Micro LED
4.3 OLED

5. AR and VR Product Trend
5.1 Product Type
5.2 AR Product Trend by Year
5.3 VR Product Trend by Year
5.4 LCD VR and OLED VR Comparison Analysis
5.5 VR Product Comparison

6. AR and VR Business Promotion Status of Key IT Companies
6.1 Apple
6.2 Facebook (Oculus VR)
6.3 Google
6.4 HTC (Valve)
6.5 LG Electronics
6.6 Microsoft
6.7 Royole
6.8 Samsung Electronics
6.9 Sony

7. AR and VR Production Exhibition Trend of Key Panel Companies
7.1 Korea
7.2 China
7.3 Japan
7.4 Taiwan

8. AR and VR Display Market Forecast
8.1 AR and VR Product Market
8.2 VR Market by Type
8.3 AR and VR use Display Total Market
8.4 AR and VR use Display Market by Type


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