2017 OLED Display Annual Report

Samsung Display‘s Share in the Smartphone AMOLED Panel Market Will Reach 70% by 2020.

According to “2017 OLED Display Annual Report”, published by UBI Research, AMOLED panel market for smartphone is estimated to create approximately US$ 57,000 million market by 2020, and Samsung Display will accounts for 71% of the total.

2017 Smartphone AMOLED panel market is expected to increase significantly, due to the increase in Apple’s iPhone launch with flexible AMOLED panel and Chinese set companies’ shipment of OLED smartphones.

Accordingly, Samsung Display has started investing in a large-scale production line of flexible AMOLED panel, and is likely to invest in a larger-scale production line expanded from 2016, to satisfy the increasing demand for flexible AMOLED panel. In addition, not only LG Display but also Chinese and Japanese panel companies are investing in the production lines of flexible AMOLED panel or reviewing their investment, which forecasts that the Smartphone AMOLED panel is expected to grow substantially.

Based on this investment, “2017 OLED Display Annual Report“ sees that the Smartphone AMOLED panel that was 374.4M in 2016 is expected to record an average annual growth rate of 38.8%, 519.7M markets in 2017 and 39.8%, 1,422M markets by 2020.

In particular, Samsung Display will stay competitive based on its high resolution, flexible AMOLED panel technology, and aggressive investment, and is evaluated to be able to have more than 70% of market share after 2018 when later companies will begin the production of OLED panels in earnest.

Meanwhile, “2017 OLED Display Annual Report” described 2017 OLED production line capa analysis, AMOLED application trend, major panel companies’ recent trend and investment, and supply chains to show a big trend in the OLED industry. Besides, it is expected to help the companies to understand market by analyzing AMOLED panel market performance from 2011 and market prospect up to 2021, from a variety of perspectives.


1. AMOLED-used Product Trend(OLED TV, Smart phone, Tablet PC / Monitor, Smart watch, and VR / AR)

2. Major Companies’ Trend

  • Panel Company Trend : Samsung Display etc., 11ea companies
  • Panel Company’s Investment Trend : Samsung Display etc., 11ea companies

3. Market Trend

  • Overall AMOLED Panel Market Analysis Period: 2017 – 2021
  • Analysis Contents : Overall Market, Market by Size, Market by Country, Market by Board


1. Key Summary

2. 2017 OLED Production Line Capa. Analysis

3. AMOLED-used Product Trend
3.2 Smart phone
3.3 Tablet PC / Monitor
3.4 Smart watch
3.5 VR / AR

4. AMOLED Panel Company Trend
4.1 AUO
4.2 BOE
4.3 CSOT
4.4 EverDisplay Optronics
4.5 Japan Display
4.7 LG Display
4.8 Samsung Display
4.9 Tianma
4.10 Visionox

5. AMOLED Panel Company’s Investment Trend
5.1 Major Panel Companies’ Investment Forecast(2016~2017)
5.2 Korea
5.3 China
5.4 Japan
5.5 Taiwan

6. Supply Chain & Panel Structure Analyis
6.1 Samsung Display
6.2 LG Display
6.3 Synthesis

7. Quarterly AMOLED Performance Analysis
7.1 Overall Market
7.2 Market by Company
7.3 Market by Application
7.4 Market by Board
7.5 ASP

8. Half-yearly AMOLED Permormance Analysis
8.1 Overall Market
8.2 Market by Company
8.3 Market by Application
8.4 Market by Board
8.5 ASP

9. Annual AMOLED Performance Analysis
9.1 Overall Market
9.2 Market by Company
9.3 Market by Application
9.4 Market by Board
9.5 ASP

10. AMOLED Panel Market Forecast(2017~2021)
10.1 Overall Market
10.2 Market by Size
10.3 Market by Country
10.4 Market by Board

There may be minor changes in the schedule.


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