2017 The OLED KOREA Conference

OLED KOREA CONFERENCE is aiming to be the most accredited conference in OLED/Display industry

Best programs with reputed/respected speakers
Best networking place for sharing ideas and seeking new opportunities
≫ Great sources for partnership
≫ Bringing the most reliable sources for market/industry forecast

OLED has been accumulating a long history since its first development in late 1980s. OLED has been invented inside of lab but not many people paid attention to this new display technology so far. However, a number of industries, recently, are showing interest for Flexible OLED and this extends the possibilities of OLED display and creates new opportunities. It has never been so close to the market before. The OLED KOREA CONFERENCE is providing a place where people can exchange ideas based on their experience with the expertise, further open new opportunities and create values to the industry.

The OLED KOREA CONFERENCE is asking your honorable contributions to make the place successful and ever valuable for the attendees.


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