2019 Flexible & Foldable OLED Report

Report Format : PDF(105p)

Publication : 2019. 10

Flexible OLED is leading the smartphone market in various form factors that LCD could not provide, while foldable OLED is expected to enter the notebook market due to its collapsible convenience.

Tablet PCs by foldable OLED smartphones and foldable notebooks will gradually lose the market.

However, the foldable OLED market will not open easily. Since foldable smartphones are currently priced at about $ 2,000, it will take time to attract customers in the ultra-premium smartphone market. However, the $ 1,500 market occupied by the Galaxy Note is easy to enter.

The foldable OLED market is expected to reach 800,000 units this year, and is expected to grow to 6 million units next year.

Compared to flexible OLED, foldable OLED is more complicated in module manufacturing process and requires mechanical performance that needs to be folded and unfolded. Therefore, it is estimated that more than 3 years will be required for mass production by companies other than Samsung Display.

This report covers in-depth the technology development direction and market of the flexible OLED, which is the main display of the smartphone market, and the foldable OLED, which is becoming a topic.

The main contents were analyzed by the panel structure of major panel makers, and the development trends of core materials constituting the module of foldable OLED were examined.

In addition, we analyzed and recorded the supply chains of materials in the foldable OLED module.

The data on the flexible OLED market are forecast based on the device market where flexible OLED is currently used, and the foldable OLED market is the only forecasted shipment of Samsung Display.

1. Key Summary

2. OLED Smartphone Evolution
2.1 Changes in OLED Smartphones
2.2 Latest OLED Smartphone Trends
2.3 Major Issues of OLED Smartphones in 2019
2.4 Foldable OLED Device Trend Forecast in 2020

3. Foldable OLED Structure by Panel Company
3.1 Samsung Display
3.2 LG Display
3.3 BOE
3.4 Royole
3.5 Foldable OLED Supply Chain

4. Foldable OLED Display Exhibition Trend
4.1 Samsung Display
4.2 BOE
4.3 CSOT
4.4 EverDisplay Optronics
4.5 Tianma
4.6 Visionox
4.7 AUO
4.8 SEL
4.9 ITRI
4.10 Trend Analysis of Foldable OLED Specification

5. Foldable OLED Technology Development Trend
5.1 Understanding of Foldable OLED
5.2 Substrate
5.3 Back Film
5.4 TFT
5.5 Encapsulation
5.6 Touch Sensor
5.7 Polarizer
5.8 OCA
5.9 Cover Window
5.10 Changeable Window
5.11 Technology Roadmap

6. Flexible OLED Production Line and Investment Forecast
6.1 Production Capa and Investment Forecast by Line
6.2 Overall Production Capa and Forecast
6.3 Production Capa and Forecast by Company
6.4 Production Capacs and Forecast by Country
6.5 Production Capa and Forecast by Line Generation

7. Flexible OLED Market Forecast
7.1 Flexible OLED Shipment Forecast by Year
7.2 Flexible OLED Shipment Forecast by Application
7.3 Flexible OLED Revenue Forecast by Year
7.4 Flexible OLED Revenue Forecast by Application

8. Foldable OLED Market Forecast
8.1 Foldable OLED Market Trend
8.2 Foldable OLED Market Forecast