A $4 billion AMOLED manufacturing equipment market formed in 2014.

As smart phones with curved OLED TV and flexible AMOLED panel has released to improve AMOLED industry in 2013, sales of manufacturing companies has increased, which is expected to lead to expansion of AMOLED manufacturing equipment market.

A report on AMOLED equipment market UBI RESEARCH has published shows current state of technologies, investment plans and investment patterns of AMOLED companies in the world and predicts the market through simulation.

According to the report, AMOLED manufacturing equipment market will be expanded as a $4 billion one, focused by not only Samsung Display but also LG Display and BOE.

OLED manufacturing technologies will be changed from RGB type to OLED type. When it comes to wide screen, LG Display has already produced 77” screen. In the light of mobile area, white OLED type will be a main trend as well according to a trend towards high resolution. Following the stream of technologies, 38% 0f the equipment market will be occupied by equipment related to white OLED until 2014 and the market will be expected to increase up to 63%.

While oxide TFT accounts for most of the wide screen LCD industry, AMOLED for TV will be occupied by oxide TFT as well as a core technology. Even though LTPS TFT equipment market in 2014 is expected to be up to US M$ 1,453, equipment market for oxide TFT will be formed up to US M$ 2,334, as a doubled market of LTPS TFT equipment market.

The report also revealed that products with flexible AMOLED panel have increased as applications applied from smart phone to tablet PC and smart watch. Investment for manufacturing equipment related to flexible AMOLED will be climbing as well. In 2014, flexible AMOLED equipment market will be formed up to US M$ 1,093 and will be expanded up to US M$ 2,251 until 2018.

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