AMOLED Characteristics Analysis Report of Galaxy S Series


Galaxy S Series Product History
Analyzed product ratio of total smart products by Samsung Elec., and analyzed organic materials change applied to Galaxy S Series panel structure and resolution development progress.

Galaxy S Series Display Quality Analysis
Analyzed pixel changes for each product from Galaxy S to S7, and brightness and color coordinate changes per product through electro optical measurements. Through international standards comparison, analyzed each products’ pros and cons.

Galaxy S Series Image Quality Analysis
Analyzed reproducibility of each product through input of diverse patterns and Macbeth color chart.

Technology Development Progress Direction
Based of these analyses, this section suggests development directions for future Galaxy S Series regarding display resolution, brightness, and emitting materials that affect color coordinate.

Galaxy Product Release Chronicle
Chronicle of all smart products released by Samsung Elec.

Format : PDF / Page : 74p / Updated : 2016. 06

Written by Analyst. Hana Oh
Hyunjun Jang


1. Executive Summary (5)

2. Galaxy S Series Product History (7)
2.1 Samsung Elec. Released Product Analysis
2.2 Galaxy S Series Product Release History
2.3 Product Characteristics
2.4 Galaxy S Series AMOLED Structure/Materials Changes
2.5 Panel Development History
2.6 Display Size Change History
2.7 Display Resolution Change History

3.Galaxy S Series Display Quality Analysis  (27)
3.1 Assessment Outline

3.2 Pixel Change Analysis
3.3 Brightness Change Analysis
3.4 Color Coordinate System
3.5 Color Change Analysis4. Galaxy S Series Image Quality Analysis (48)
4.1 Frontal Picture Quality Analysis by Pattern5. Technology Development Progress Direction (53)
5.1 Display Resolution Development Direction
5.2 Emitting Materials Development Direction
5.3 Summary

6. Appendix. Galaxy Product Release Chronicle (60)

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