A large AMOLED manufacturing is a considerable issue in OLED industry where HDTV broadcasting is becing seriously started and the generalization of high quality imaginings in the screens. This report shows the limitations of fourth generation equipment construction in AMOLED development and the alternatives prepared by each enterprise.

As the high DVD quality image is quickly becoming a default resolution for broadcastings, high quality image resolution display industry had become a top IT industry in modern times.

In many advanced countries including Rep. of Korea, the variety of digital contents led TV markets to move from 20 inch to 30 inch TV screens. A 30 inch display development is recognized as the most important area for panel enterprises.

Current OLED market which the product production was begun by Pioneer still stays with one inch pocked size PMOLED products. SK Display and SONY are producing 2.2 inch and 3.8 inch AMOLED but they are not showing a serious mass production structure. In Korea, Samsung SDI and LG Electronics led PMOLED and AMOLED development, but recently, the world largest TFT-LCD production enterprises, Samsung Electronics and LG Philips LCD are leading the development as well as the mass production.

In TFT-LCD field, a LPL’S worthy opponent Samsung Electronics used a-Si TFT substrate as their start displaying a 21-inch AMOLED in 2005 which made AMOLED products to become more well known. In 2007, a mass production of AMOLED TV will be actualized.

While PMOLED devices have difficulty in producing products that are larger than two inches, AMOLED does not have boundaries on productions. Although TFT-LCD’s special quality had improved with wide screen view and brightness characteristics that almost equals auto luminescent device, the response speed on managing an animated film and the contrast ratio still have not reached a standard level. Especially, a color representing skin on TVs does not look as it really used the auto luminescent device.

Then, the question is where the adequate large market for is for AMOLED? In TV market where TFT-LCD shows its boundaries on showing the color reproducibility and films, 30~40 inch large flat board display market looks as the most effective area in considering the TV market production method’s 32inch above brown tube and 40inch below PDP areas. It is required for OLED to prepare for the market entry in 2007~08 by researching and investing for the fourth generation equipments since that area is expected to be used in most common families.


1. TFT
2. Main work process
2.1 Pixel manufacture work process
2.2 Encapsulation work process

III. Fourth generation equipment development status
1. Needs and limits of equipment development
2. AMOLED Fourth generation equipment issue and alternatives
2.1 Plating
2.2 Ink Jet printing method
2.3 LITI
2.4 Metallic electron thin film formation
2.5 Encapsulation method adequate for Fourth generation

IV. Main equipment enterprises
1. Korean plating equipment enterprise
2. Foreign plating equipment enterprise

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