AMOLED Manufacturing Process Report ver.2

Report Format: Hard Copy

Publication : 2019. 07

The AMOLED Process Report analyzed the structure and manufacturing process by dividing AMOLED into small and large sizes. In addition, since the inspection process of small and medium-sized AMOLED has been diagrammed, this report enables companies in the OLED industry to understand the overall structure and core processes of AMOLED.

The AMOLED process report ver.2 adds new manufacturing processes including ver.1 and hole in active area (HIAA) OLED process and LTPO TFT process applied to Galaxy S10..

This report is an essential report for panel makers as well as equipment and component manufacturers to understand the recent AMOLED manufacturing process.

1. AMOLED Structure
1.1 Mobile device panel structure
1.2 TV device panel structure
1.3 Substrate
1.4 TFT
1.5 Color Filter
1.6 OLED Pixel
1.7 Encapsulation
1.8 Touch Screen Panel
1.9 Module

2. TFT Manufacturing Process
2.1 LTPS TFT manufacturing equipment layout
2.2 LTPS TFT basic manufacturing process
2.3 Galaxy S10’s LTPS TFT manufacturing process
2.4 Oxide TFT basic manufacturing process
2.5 LG OLEDTV’s Oxide TFT manufacturing process
2.6 TFT inspection and measurement process

3. OLED Pixel and Encapsulation Manufacturing Process
3.1 OLED Pixel and Encapsulation manufacturing equipment layout
3.2 Mobile Rigid OLED manufacturing process
3.3 Mobile Flexible OLED manufacturing process
3.4 TV WRGB device manufacturing process
3.5 Solution process OLED manufacturing process
3.6 OLED Pixel inspection and measurement process
3.7 Encapsulation inspection and measurement process

4. Cell Manufacturing Process
4.1 Cell manufacturing equipment layout
4.2 Mobile Rigid OLED manufacturing process
4.3 Mobile Flexible OLED manufacturing process
4.4 Cell inspection and measurement process

5. Module Manufacturing Process
5.1 Module manufacturing equipment layout
5.2 Mobile Rigid OLED manufacturing process
5.3 Mobile Flexible OLED manufacturing process
5.4 Module inspection and measurement process

6. New technology Manufacturing process
6.1 LTPO manufacturing process
6.2 Camera HIAA (hole in active area) manufacturing process
6.3 Flexible_on cell touch manufacturing process
6.4 Foldable module manufacturing process
6.5 QD-OLED manufacturing process