AMOLED market expected to grow up to about 50% a year on average until 2020


[Market share of AMOLED in 2014 and 2020]

AMOLED market is expected to increase up to about 50% a year on average until 2020.

According to 2014 Annual AMOLED Display Report published by UBI RESEARCH, scale of AMOLED display market will be formed up to about $7 billion in 2014 and about $75 billion through approximately 50% a year on average.

Due to M2 line operated by LG Elec., AMOLED TV market will be formed in 2014 and after 2017 Chinese panel companies supposed to produc products in large quantity, it will surpass smart phone market.

Flexible AMOLED market is also expected to increase dramatically. As flexible AMOLED is predicted to be used for smart phone, tablet PC and smart watch, use of the flexible AMOLED will extremely increase after 2015 and be about 30 million units in 2016.

Since the AMOLED market is expected to grow rapidly, companies in Korea and China will keep investing in the product.

LG Display operates Gen8 M2 line in the second half of this year and investment in Gumi P6 line for flexible AMOLED will be made in the first half of 2014.

Samsung Display is expectedt to make a decision for A3 in 2014.

In China, six companis such ah BOE와 CSOT, Everdisplay, Tianma, Truly, Visionox are currently preparing for producing AMOLED in large quantity and especially, BOE and Everdisplay aim to produce small and medium sized AMOLED panel in the second half of 2014.

The report analyzes sales of AMOLED market in 2013, expects AMOLED market until 2020 and investigates the trend of main panel companies. It also researches trend of devices with AMOLED to help understand the main stream of AMOLED industry and presents business strategies for related comapanies.

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