AMOLED Market Track I (2Q, 2018)

AMOLED panel market of the second quarter reached US$ 65 billion. Flexible OLED market totaled US $ 3.85 billion, accounting for 59.5% of the total market. Analysis of sales by country shows that Korean companies account for 96.9% with the total sales of US$ 62.8 billion, while Chinese companies account for 3% with the sales of US$ 190 million.

Estimated revenues in 2018 are to be US$ 32.1 billion, and Smartphone OLEDs are expected to account for 89.5% of the total market with the sales amount of US$ 28.75 billion. The sales of rigid OLED is projected to be US$ 32.1 billion, occupying 33.5% of the market.

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