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2021 Flexible & Foldable OLED Report

This report covers the development trends of foldable devices by major set makers, folder OLED development trends by major panel makers, and major materials and technology trends related to foldable OLED. The development trends of major set makers included the release of foldable devices in 2021 by Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Huawei, and Xiaomi, and […]

Mini-LED BLU Technology and Mini-LED TV Market

Products with more advanced LCDs appear. It is an LCD that has greatly improved brightness, HDR, and color reproducibility by adding QD film and mini-LED to BLU. The existing top-level LCD used a full array local dimming (FALD) BLU with a local dimming zone of about 300 to 500. When the local dimming zone is […]

2020 OLED Equipment Report

In the “2020 OLED Equipment Report” published this time, we analyzed the investment trends, utilization rates, and financial conditions of each panel maker in Korea and China. In addition, the development status of QD-Display being developed by Samsung Display and the manufacturing process of oxide TFT and color filter are included. Moreover, since the OLED […]

OLED Market Enters Adjustment Period from Rapid Growth

As smartphone makers, including Samsung Electronics and Apple, increased the use of OLEDs in flagship models, the growth of the OLED market, which had been rapidly growing, has been braked. The third quarter of each year is the season with the best OLED performance for smartphones due to the launch of a new iPhone. According […]

QNED commercialization one step closer

This report consists of a detailed analysis of 94 patents filed by Samsung Display in relation to QNED, which were released by the second week of October 2020. In the first half of last year, QNED was analyzed as 41 patents, and there was a difference of about 6 months in the additional patents, but […]