Company Introduction

  • UBI Research has provided following Services such as Consulting & OLED Report, Prime Membership, Internet Media OLEDNET, Seminar and so on.

UBI Research Provides marketing including prospect for new customers, planning of production & R&D strategy as well as investment.

Consulting for Marketing research & technical research on all Supply Chain composed of Display & Lighting including OLED, Flexible electronics, Energy industry, and Planning of business strategy.
Customized Report service, providing only selected information for business of each industry.

And providing diverse services in the national project such as industrial planning & evaluation promoted in the government organization, development of the national certificates, etc.

UBI Research provides integrated information analyzed with research of the worldwide markets & technologies in each product related to OLED industry.
In this service are there OLED Report regularly provided Market Report and Technical Report.

UBI Research provides contents strictly selected with the biggest issue in OLED industry, and the highest information & networking time from specialists in each field.

OLEDNET is Research Media for only OLED to provide in-depth analytical articles of OLED industry through DB of UBI Research as the only worldwide specialized internet media unlike the general media.
In this service, there are Focus On providing in real time various news occurring in the world related to OLED to analyze OLED industry in depth.