1Q 07′ OLED Quarterly Report

While display manufacturers were having a difficult time in the 1st quarter of 2007, OLED industry reportedly continued its market extension showing average annual growth rate of 67%. Also many OLED manufacturers announced developments and productions at major trade shows.

This report organized industry trends, major trade shows, market trends and patent/product trends in the 1st quarter of 2007 for the readers to easily understand OLED market flow.

Products have OLED installed to increase satisfaction and response speed of video and mobility to meet so-called UCC trend. Although PMOLED price dropped in the market, market extension was prominent by shipping increase compared to that of the same quarter last year. Trade shows offered a stage to draw more attention to OLED and Japanese companies showed rapid progress in patents for the 1st quarter of 2007.

This report will hopefully be used as an instrument to predict future by analyzing OLED maket.

The 1st quarter of 2007 was the worst time for display industry. The disappointing figures in the presentations on the 1st quarter by LPL, Samsung SDI, etc. reflected more than just seasonal slackness: it showed crisis througout the display industry.
Despite display market deterioration, Samsung SDI produced 2.2″ AMOLED, followed by SONY and Sharp announcing AMOLED TV production, LG Electronics planning small AMOLED production line and Kyocera announcing a plan to build AMOLED production line for cell phone’s main display; all of which show increasing expectations on AMOLED, considered the next generation display. PMOLED shipping in the 1st quarter showed drastic increase suggesting OLED panel market is actually extending.
This report focused on OLED market trends, industry trends, patent trends and trade show trends to forecast OLED industry change in 2007.


1. Introduction
2. Mobile Product Trends
2.1 Mobile Device Trend
2.2 Mobile Display Trend
2.3 OLED-applied Products
2.3.1 Cellular Phone
2.3.2 MP3 Player
2.3.3 Others
3. Trade Show Trends
3.1 FINETECH 2007 Trend
3.1.1 AMOLED Trend
3.1.2 LCD Trend
3.1.3 PDP Trend
3.1.4 Trend of Exhibited Panels
3.2 AMOLED Panel Exhibitors
3.2.1 SONY
3.2.2 TMD
3.3 LCD Panel Exhibitors
3.3.3 NEC
3.3.4 SONY
3.3.5 TMD
3.4 PDP Panel Exhibitors
3.4.2 Panasonic
3.4.3 Pioneer
3.5 OLED-related Show Participants List
4. Domestic/Overseas OLED manufacturer Trends
4.1 Domestic/Overseas AMOLED Industry Trends
4.1.1 Korean Manufacturers
4.1.2 Taiwanese Manufacturers
4.1.3 Japanese Manufacturers
4.1.4 Other Manufacturers
4.2 Domestic/Overseas PMOLED Industry Trends
4.2.1 Korean Manufacturers
4.2.2 Taiwanese Manufacturers
4.2.3 Japanese Manufacturers
5. OLED Market in the 1st Quarter of 2007
5.1 OLED Market
5.2 AMOLED Market
5.3 PMOLED Market
5.4 PMOLED Market by Company
5.5 PMOLED Market by Country
6. Patent Trends
6.1 Monthly Opened/Registered Patent Trend
6.2 Registered Patent Trend by Major Patent Holder – Korea, US, Japan
6.3 Registered Patent Trend by Field
6.4 Registered Patent Trend by Nationality
6.5 Opened Patent Trend by Major Applicant – Korea, US, Japan
6.6 Opened Patent Trend by Field
6.7 Opened Patent Trend by Nationality
7. Conclusion

PDF 114 pages 2007.06

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