Q2′ 07 OLED Quarterly Report

AMOLED is rapidly rising. Finally NOKIA, the world’s largest cell phone manufacturer, will be releasing a cell phone with AMOLED as its main display. AMOLED, through affiliation with the giant NOKIA, entered the main display competition in TFT-LCD-leading mobile main display market. Samsung SDI and CMEL are producing mobile AMOLED and many companies see AMOLED business promising and make plans for production and investment. PMOLED industry is also affected by this good mood in AMOLED industry and making effort to create new profitability.

This report examines AMOLED mass production or preparation activities of OLED manufacturers and analyzes ongoing developments. For better understanding on current market status, OLED records are examined and analyzed by quarter, company and country; OLED lighting as a new business was briefly introduced; requirements for success in OLED lighting business were covered.

If Q1/07 showed a sign of AMOLED’s entering market, Q2 was full of news to firm the base. LG Electronics and Samsung SDI are preparing for AMOLED mass production for SKT DMB phones and announcements on AMOLED TV production from many companies raised expectations among consumers. As if it were reflecting such expectations, OLED market was expanded compared to that in the same quarter last year and some business movements to use OLED for such application as lighting were visible.

This report covers development trend and industry trend among OLED manufacturers to lead the market and causes of OLED market expansion by quarter, company and country. To view OLED lighting business as a new business, brief description in this report helps readers understand OLED lighting and analyzed keys to success in the business.


1. OLED Industry Trends
1.1 OLED panel Manufacturers’ Business Trend
1.2 OLED panel Manufacturers’ Equipment Status
1.3 AMOLED Industry Trend
1.4 PMOLED Industry Trend
2. Q2/07 OLED Market Records
2.1 OLED Market
2.2 AMOLED Market
2.3 PMOLED Market
2.4 PMOLED Market by Company
2.5 PMOLED Market by Country
3. Mobile Product Trends
3.1 Mobile Display Trend
3.2 Mobile Device Trend
3.3 OLED-applied Products
4. 1st half of 2007 Trade Show Trends
4.1 Trade Show Trend
4.2 Show panel Distribution
4.3 Showcased AMOLED panel Manufacturers
5. OLED Lighting
5.1 OLED Lighting Manufacturers Status
5.2 OLED Lighting Industry Outlook

PDF 106 pages 2007.08

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