Q3 2008 OLED Market Analysis Report, Analysis of OLED Equipments Industry

AMOLED revenue advanced PMOLED
Ever since the commencement of OLED business, AMOLED panel revenue recorded higher number than PMOLED, and it is estimated that OLED market will be reorganized focusing on AMOLED.
AMOLED revenue occupies 51.3% of whole OLED revenue in Q3 2008, which shows drastic increase compare to 3% of the same period last year that didn’t influence the market much.
The reason why AMOLED revenue share has increased is because shipping volume was recorded 2.27 million units, increased by 18.8% compare to Q2. In shipping volume of PMOLED, RitDisplay ranked the 1st with 4.1 million units, but it showed drastically decreased result by 22.5% compare to the last quarter; hence PMOLED revenue has decreased by USD 17.4 million which resulted increased share of AMOLED revenue.

LG Display has launched products applied with AMOLED panel in Korea while AMOLED was under manufacturing stage and completed the market test. Possibility of exporting to overseas market in next year is increasing. In addition, launching of mobile products with 5 inch and 3 inch AMOLED panel is planned in 2009; hence AMOLED market is estimated to upturn mainly towards high-end users in 2009.
The report comprises not only OLED panel market and industry trend through analysis of major enterprises of each country that lead OLED industry and R&D of application product, but also in depth analysis of industry trend of OLED equipment enterprises and recent technology trend in OLED equipment industry field. It is a general report that comprises overall OLED industry and one may understand the core of OLED industry that is spotlighted as a new generation display. The report can be useful source for those who need to analyze competitors, marketing managers who consider advancing into OLED industry, engineers who R&D OLED and other OLED concerned people.

PDF 111page, December 2008

Ⅰ. OLED Equipment Industry Trend
1.OLED Manufacturing Process Technology
1.1 Board Process Technology
1.1.1 ELA(Excimer Laser Annealing)
1.1.2 SPC(Solid Phase Crystallization)
1.2 Pixel Process Technology
1.2.1 Evaporation
A. Point source
B. Linear Source
C. OVPD (organic vapor phase deposition)
D. LIPS (Laser-induced pattern-wise sublimation)
E. RIST (Radiation-Induced Sublimation Transfer)
1.2.2 Printing
1.2.3 LITI
1.3 Encapsulation Process Technology
1.3.1 Can Type
1.3.2 Thin Film Type
1.3.3 Hybrid Type
2. OLED Evaporation Equipment Companies Trend
2.1 OLED Equipment Companies Categories by Manufacturing Process
2.2 OLED Evaporation Equipment Companies
2.2.1 DOOSAN Mecatec
2.2.2 Sunic System
2.2.3 Jusung Engineering
2.2.4 Aixtron
2.2.5 ANS
2.2.6 Hitachi Zosen
2.2.7 Tokki
2.2.8 Ulvac
3. OLED Equipments R&D Trend
3.1 Printing Equipments R&D Trend
3.1.1 Asymtek
3.1.2 CSEM
3.1.3 Fuji Electric
3.1.4 FUJIFILM Dimatix
3.2 Evaporation Equipments R&D Trend
3.2.1 DOOSAN Mecatec
3.2.2 ANS
3.2.3 Eastman Kodak
Ⅱ. OLED Panel Industry Trend
1. OLED Panel Companies trend
1.1 2008 OLED Industry Global Map
1.1.1 Q3′ 08 AMOLED Industry Phenomenon
1.1.2 Q3′ 08 PMOLED Industry Phenomenon
1.2 Current Situation and Plan of AMOLED Panel Mass Production by Companies
1.3 Current Situation and Expansion Plan of Mass Production of OLED Panel Companies
1.3.1 Current Situation and Expansion Plan of Mass Production of AMOLED Companies
1.3.2 Current Situation and Expansion Plan of Mass Production of PMOLED Companies
1.4 OLED Panel Companies Trend
1.4.1 Korean Companies
A. NeoView KOLON
C. LG Display
1.4.2 Japanese Companies
A. Sony
C. Others
1.4.3 Taiwanese Companies
2. Q3 2008 OLED Market Trendt
2.1 OLED Market Flow
2.1.1 OLED Shipment and Revenue
2.1.2 AMOLED Shipment and Revenue
2.1.3 PMOLED Shipment and Revenue
2.2 OLED Market Flow by Companies
2.2.1 Shipment and Revenue by OLED Companies
2.2.2 Shipment and Revenue by AMOLED Companies
2.2.3 Shipment and Revenue by PMOLED Companies
2.3 OLED Market Trend by Country
2.4 OLED Market share
2.4.1 OLED Shipment and Revenue market share by driving type
2.4.2 OLED Shipment and Revenue market share by panel companies
2.4.3 AMOLED Shipment and Revenue market share by panel companies
2.4.4 PMOLED Shipment and Revenue market share by panel companies
2.4.5 OLED Shipment and Revenue market share by countries
2.4.6 AMOLED Shipment and Revenue market share by countries
2.4.7 PMOLED Shipment and Revenue market share by countries
3. OLED Application Products Trend
3.1 Application Products Trend in 2008
3.2 AMOLED Application Products in Q3′ 08
3.2.1 Photo Frame
3.2.2 PMP
3.2.3 Mobile Phone
3.2.4 MP3 Player
3.3 PMOLED Products in Q3′ 08

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