2008 OLED Annual Report

According to the survey by UBI Sanup research, there have been many market changes in OLED for one year in 2007 including AMOLED mass production of Samsung SDI & 11 inches-AMOLED TV launch of Sony.

With the continual AMOLED products launch & mass production plans by global display enterprises including the world’s first AMOLED TV & cell phone, it seems that development competition among the enterprises will be keen in order to ensure markets of AMOLED fitting for trend of display markets.

As technical issues of OLED have been solved with rapid commercialization of cell phone & TV, in LCD field, products to lessen thickness & improve response speed of movie are launched, so it’s expected competition between LCD & AMOLED will continue in the display field hereafter.

In order to grasp OLED markets changing rapidly, a business strategy has to be established based on correct information, and it’s possible to succeed in AMOLED market of the next generation display after LCD & PDP.

『2008 OLED Annual Report』produced based on know-how of OLEDNET through survey for several years makes us grasp the situation of the annual OLED industry.

According to this report, the market of OLED increased 29.6% compared with that of 2 years ago. In 2008, it’s expected delivery quantity will increase 19.4% &OLED market will expand at full bore. In 2007, in the total OLED delivery, a market share of PMOLED was 96.7%, and in 2008, it’s expected a market share of AMOLED will reach 15.3% of the total OLED and AMOLED will launch with the various applications.

As for the sales, it’s expected AMOLED, 18 % of the total sales of OLED in 2007, will increase 4.5 times so form more than half of the total.

At present, most of OLED markets is PMOLED, and it shows that delivery quantity of AMOLED has been much accelerated from 2008 with gradual increase in the total OLED markets.

[Prospectation of AMOLED Shipment]

According to this report, Samsung SDI began mass production of AMOLED from Oct. 2007, and Sony launched 11 inches- OLED TV ‘XEL-1’. Also Samsung Electronics planned to launch AMOLED phone from 2008, however, advanced the date to 4/4 quarter in 2007.
Furthermore, LPL announced to buy out OLED unit from LG Electronics within the year and produce 2.2 inches-AM OLED from the second half of the year in 2008.

In addition to the present situation of equipments &market data of the global OLED panel enterprises, it can be used as the helpful data for business strategies of enterprises with the present condition of the equipment &material companies.

Also it’ll give an opportunity to inspect 2008 Technology Trend in advance through technical analysis, technical development trend by country &launched product analysis mentioned recently in treatises.


1.1 What’s OLED?
1.2 Merits of OLED

2. 2007 OLED Market Results
2.1 OLED market movements for recent 3 years
2.1.1 Annual market movements
2.1.2 AMOLED market movements
2.1.3 PMOLED market movements
2.1.4 PMOLED sales & average selling price changes
2.2 OLED market movements in 4/4 quarters of 2007
2.2.1 OLED market movements
2.2.2 AMOLED market movements
2.2.3 PMOLED market movements
2.3 PMOLED market share & changes by OLED Panel Maker in 2007
2.3.1 PMOLED delivery quantity & market share changes by OLED Panel Maker in 2007
2.3.2 PMOLED sales & market share changes by OLED Panel Maker in 2007
2.4 PMOLED market share & changes by OLED country in 2007
2.4.1 PMOLED delivery quantity & market share changes by OLED country in 2007
2.4.2 PMOLED sales & market share changes by OLED country in 2007
2.5 OLED forecast in 2008

3. OLED Product Trend
3.1 Product trend by Application
3.1.1 OLED TV trend
3.1.2 OLED cell phone main window trend
3.1.3 OLED cell phone sub window trend
3.1.4 OLED MP3P product trend
3.1.5 Other OLED product trend
3.2 2008 OLED application forecast
3.2.1 OLED application design forecast
3.2.2 OLED application size forecast

4. OLED Industry Trend
4.1 2008 World Industrial Roadmap
4.2 Equipment construction condition of OLED panel enterprises
4.3 OLED panel maker trend
4.3.1 Korean enterprises
4.3.2 Japanese enterprises
4.3.3 Taiwanese enterprises
4.3.4 Others
4.3.5 Present situation & planning of AMOLED panel mass production by enterprise
4.4 OLED equipment business trend
4.5 OLED material business trend
4.6 Present situation of OLED development in 2007
4.6.1 3D OLED
4.6.2 AMOLED panel applying ABC, ACL & SIA technology
4.6.3 AMOLED of non-laser type applying a-Si TFT
4.6.4 Bendable AMOLED
4.6.5 Bottom type AMOLED
4.6.6 AMOLED applying CW laser & LIPS technology
4.6.7 Extendable OLED
4.6.8 Flexible AMOLED
4.6.9 AMOLED applying IOD & A-SPC technology
4.6.10 LTPS backplane AMOLED
4.6.11 OLED MAX
4.6.12 AMOLED panel applying 12 PenTile Matrix technology
4.6.13 Polymer OLED
4.6.14 World thinnest OLED
4.7 OLED Panel development History by Enterprise
4.7.1 Panel development History of Samsung SDI
4.7.2 Panel development History of Samsung Electronics
4.7.3 LPL Panel Development History
4.7.4 TMD Panel Development History
4.7.5 CMEL Panel Development History

5. Technology Trend
5.1. AMOLED Manufacturing Process
5.1.1 Backplane process
5.1.2 Pixel manufacturing process
5.1.3 Pack manufacturing process
5.2 The newest technical analysis of OLED process
5.2.1 Availability examination of AMOLED Display for TMD, Mobile TV
5.2.2 Seiko Epson, inkjet printing, phosphorescent OLED development
5.2.3 Patterning research of OLED substance using 3M, LITI
5.3 The newest technical analysis of OLED Backplane & structure
5.3.1 AMOLED development adopting LPL, improved SPC TFT backplane
5.3.2 OLED Photo Compensation System development using Panasonic, optical sensor manufactured by LTPS
5.3.3 Reliable OLED element development using Toyota, Film Encapsulation
5.3.4 Full color AMOLED of LPL, 3.5inch Inverted OLED structure
5.3.5 LG Electronics, developed AMOLED improving bottom emission color gamut to 89%
5.3.6 AMOLED development applying LPL, A-SPC technology
5.3.7 Samsung SDI, 4.1 inch, transmission typed AMOLED
5.4 The newest technical analysis of OLED material
5.4.1 Development trend of phosphorescent OLED material (UDC)
5.4.2 Development trend of polymer (Sumation & CDT)
5.5 White OLED
5.5.1 Eastman Kodak
5.5.2 Samsung Electronics
5.5.3 eMagin

Appendix 1. OLED Set Enterprise List
Appendix 2. OLED Panel Enterprise List
Appendix 3. OLED Equipment Enterprise List
Appendix 4. OLED Material Enterprise List
Appendix 5. OLED Part Enterprise List
Appendix 6. Fig/Table Contents

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