2009 OLED Annual Report

2009 is the year of major turning point in OLED industry. During 2008, focus of OLED industry shifted from PMOLED to AMOLED.

AMOLED is the most promising leader of the next generation flat panel display market, following LCD. Samsung Group founded a joint venture, Samsung Mobile Display(SMD), in January this year to lead AMOLED industry; LG Display is also getting ready for the future market by reorganizing its AMOLED business division.

Led by global electronic companies such as SONY and Matsushita, Japan is getting ready for the next generation AMOLED TV market; display manufacturers in Taiwan are also getting ready for future AMOLED TV market through R&D. Many companies are getting involved in business of OLED-related parts, materials and equipments to get the upper hand in the future market.

According to Ubi Sanup Research’s annual report for 2009, AMOLED shipment share in Q4/08 was reported 15.7% out of total OLED shipment. This shows 3.1% increase from that in the previous quarter, 6.3% increase from Q4/07, which suggested significant increase trend since 2008.

In addition, AMOLED sales in Q4/08 held 46.2% of total sales. AMOLED sales in Q4 showed 5.4% decrease from that in the previous quarter, but 7.2% increase from AMOLED share in the same quarter in 2007.

In 2008, AMOLED maintained sales shares close to 50% in every quarter and became a major player in OLED industry, outgrowing from less than 10% in 2007.

This report covers overall OLED industry trends and panel business showings in 2008 and outlook on 2009. It also provides current OLED technology/development trends and thesis analysis, which hopefully give the readers a general idea about current OLED industry trends.

PDF 217 pages, 2009.03

1. What is OLED
2. OLED Classification

II. OLED Market Showings and Outlook
1. OLED Market Showings of Q4/08
1.1 OLED Market Trend
1.1.1 Total OLED Shipment
1.1.2 Total OLED Sales
1.1.3 AMOLED Shipment
1.1.4 AMOLED Sales
1.1.5 AMOLED Average Selling Price
1.1.6 PMOLED Shipment
1.1.7 PMOLED Sales
1.1.8 PMOLED Average Selling Price
1.2 OLED Market Trends by Company
1.2.1OLED Shipments by Company
1.2.2 OLED Sales by Company
1.2.3 AMOLED Shipments by Panel Manufacturer
1.2.4 AMOLED Sales by Panel Manufacturer
1.2.5 PMOLED Shipments by Panel Manufacturer
1.2.6 PMOLED Sales by Panel Manufacturer
1.3 OLED Market Trends by Country
1.3.1 Shipments by Country
1.3.2 Sales by Country
1.4 OLED Market Share
1.4.1 AMOLED Shipment Share
1.4.2 AMOLED Sales Share
1.4.3 Shipment Shares by OLED Panel Manufacturer
1.4.4 Sales Shares by OLED Panel Manufacturer
1.4.5 Shipment and Sales Shares by AMOLED Panel Manufacturer
1.4.6 Shipment/Sales Shares by PMOLED Panel Manufacturer
1.4.7 OLED Shipment Shares by Country
1.4.8 OLED Sales Shares by Country
1.4.9 AMOLED Shipment/Sales Shares by Country
1.4.10 PMOLED Shipment/Sales Shares by Country
1.5 2009 OLED Market Outlook
1.5.1 2009 OLED Shipment Outlook
1.5.2 2009 OLED Sales Outlook

III. OLED Industry Trends
1. OLED Panel Industry Trends
1.1 OLED Industry World Map
1.2 Panel Manufacturers in Korea
1.2.2 Neoview Kolon
1.2.3 Samsung Mobile Display
1.3 Overseas Panel Manufacturers
1.3.1 AUO
1.3.2 CMEL
1.3.3 Sony
1.3.4 TMD
1.3.5 MED
1.3.6 Others
2. OLED Material Industry Trends
2.1 OLED Material Manufacturers
2.2 OLED Material Manufacturers in Korea
2.2.1 Daejoo Electronic Marerials
2.2.2 Dongwoo fine chem
2.2.3 Doosan ElectroMaterials
2.2.4 Gracel
2.2.5 LG Chem
2.2.6 LUDIS
2.2.7 SFC
2.3 Overseas OLED Material Manufacturers
2.3.1 CDT
2.3.2 Chisso
2.3.3 DuPont Display
2.3.4 Eastman Kodak
2.3.5 Idemitsu Kosan
2.3.6 Merck
2.3.7 Novlaed
2.3.8 OLED-T
2.3.9 Sumitomo Chemical
2.3.10 UDC
3. OLED Deposition Equipment Industry Trends
3.1 OLED Equipment Manufacturers
3.2 OLED Deposition Equipment Manufacturers in Korea
3.2.1 Doosan Mecatec
3.2.2 Jusung Engineering
3.2.3 SNU Precision
3.2.4 Sunic System
3.3 OLED Deposition Equipment Manufacturers Overseas
3.3.1 Aixtron
3.3.2 Hitachi Zosen
3.3.3 Tokki
3.3.4 Ulvac

IV. OLED Development Trends
1. OLED Development Trends in Korea
1.1 OLED Development Trends Review
1.3 SMD
2. OLED Development Trends Overseas
2.1 CMEL
2.2 eMagin
2.3 Epson
2.4 MED
2.5 RiTdisplay
2.6 Sony
2.7 TDK
2.8 TMD
2.9 Univision

V. OLED Technology Trends
1. Analysis on OLED-related Theses
1.1 Quantitative Analysis on Theses presented at OLED Conferences
1.2 The Numbers of Theses by Company
1.3 Nationalities of the Presenter Companies
1.4 Thesis Subjects by Companies
1.5 The Numbers of Theses by School
1.6 Nationalities of the Presenter Schools
1.7 Thesis Subjects by Schools
2. Technology Trends by Major Company
2.1 Eastman Kodak
2.1.1 Development of price-competitive 5G linear source
2.1.2 Development of White Devices Using Tandem Structure
2.2 UDC
2.2.1 Flexible AMOLED on Stainless steel substrate
2.2.2 Printable phosphorescent OLED
2.3.1 15 inch DOD based on aSi TFT Backplane
2.3.2 2,2 inch digital driving AMOLED
2.3.3 aSPC (advanced solid phase crystallization) TFT
2.4 SAIT(Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)
2.4.1 Tiling Technology for High Resolution OLED Displays
2.4.2 Amorphous GIZO(Ga2O3In2O3ZnO) TFT
2.4.3 White OLED
2.4.4 Fluorescence WOLED with double ETL
2.5 Samsung SDI
2.5.1 12.1 inch WXGA AMOLED using IndiumGalliumZinc Oxide TFTs
2.5.2 AMOLED Technologies for Uniform Image and Sufficient Lifetime of Image Sticking

Appendix 1. OLED Panel Enterprise List
Appendix 2. OLED Equipment Enterprise List
Appendix 3. OLED Material Enterprise List
Appendix 4. OLED Part Enterprise List
Appendix 5. OLED Set Enterprise List

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