As it is prooving the next generation analysis, the technological advancement of OLED is being repeatedly progressed. In 2005 first half year, foreign OLED associated enterprises presented their new technology and policy.

This report provides the analysis point of future market movement by examining newly introduced foreign OLED associated products and technology during first half year in 2005.

Display had become one of the most important elements in our lives. Display machinery placed its importance in our lives as variety of new digital machineries were created and presented each day. OLED’S wide choices are being clearly noticed with their mobile phone, mp3 player, and digital camera with the great expectation of being the future display generation with its special positive facts.

This report predicts the future industrial direction with the information of last second half years
OLED associated products and the trend of each enterprise and market

PMOLED is still considered as a leader of OLED market with its expectancy of 900 billion WON (Korean Currency) market formation, but AMOLED markets will seriously address starting from 2006. It is expected that AMOLED mobile phone will be massively produced in 2006 by LG and Philips LCD. Taiwanese enterprises are preparing the 2006 with AMOLED’S digital cameras as well as PMOLED’S mp3 player and car products. High value added AMOLED is Tohuku Pioneer, Sony, and other enterprises’ main market and it is expected that PMOLED mp3 player market will grow than PMOLED mobile phone. In addition, other enterprises such as Kodak, Osram, Opto semiconductors are earning market’s interest with their special products.

MP3 player that has moving image function is being clearly noticed in the application’s side. These MP3 player uses PMOLED and LCD applied one inch window to view moving images

Samsung electronics AMOLED 40 inch panel technology was the man issue during last first half year in SID’05 exhibition. This technology received a remark of showing AMOLED’S technology’s future growth possibility. Other than that, Samsung SDI’s high resolution AMOLED panel technology, AUO’S independent double side luminescent AMOLED panel technology, and MODISTECH’S hybrid encapsulation worked as new technologies to improve the OLED market.

1. OLED Market trend
1.1 PMOLED market
1.2 AMOLED market

2. Enterprises Trend
2.1 Korean OLED associated enterprises and products
Samsung SDI
LG Electronics
Samsung Electronics
LG Philips LCD
2.2 Taiwan OLED associated enterprises and products
2.3 Japan OLED associated enterprises and products
2.4 United States OLED associated enterprises and products
Osram opto semiconductors

3. application Trend
3.1 MP4 full color PMOLED
3.2 Optimus – customizable artistic keyboard
3,3 Northeast Pioneer _ Opera house subtitle OLED display

4. OLED Technology trend
4.1 Samsung Electronics 40” AMOLED panel technology
4.2 Samsung Electronics 14” AMPLED panel technology
4.3 Samsung SDI 302 ppi high resolution AMOLED panel technology
4.4 SEL single color 423 ppi high resolution internal circuit AMOLED panel technology
4.5 AUO independent double side emission AMOLED panel technology
4.6 DNP Photolithography 200 ppi high resolution F/C Polymer PMOLED panel technology
4.7 Thomson low voltage driving AMOLED technology
4.8 NOVALED low voltage driving PIN OLED technology
4.9 White OLED element technology
4.10 Phosphorescence Polymer OLED technology
4.11 Philips Encapsulation technology
4.12 Modistech Hybrid encapsulation
4.13 Dupont encapsulation-Cover Glass Drylox

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