2021 Flexible & Foldable OLED Report

Report Format : PDF(132p)

Publication : 2021. 01

This report covers the development trends of foldable devices by major set makers, folder OLED development trends by major panel makers, and major materials and technology trends related to foldable OLED.
The development trends of major set makers included the release of foldable devices in 2021 by Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Huawei, and Xiaomi, and in the panel makers, the foldable development roadmap, development trends, and exhibition contents of each panel maker were included.
In the exhibition trend, not only various exhibitions held in China, but also BOE IPC 2020 and Visionox’s V3 lighting ceremony were included, so it is expected to be of great help to companies who could not attend the exhibition or related events.
Major materials and technologies related to foldable OLED include the development trend of foldable cover window, UTG enhancement process, Samsung Display’s module investment plan, current module capacity, and related yields. For companies related to foldable development, it will help to understand the future prospects.

1. Key Summary

2. Foldable and Rollable Device Development Trends by Set Makers
2.1 Release Trend of Foldable Device
2.2 OLED Structure Analysis for Foldable Devices
2.3 Samsung Electronics
2.4 LG Electronics
2.5 Huawei
2.6 Xiaomi

3. Foldable and Rollable Device Development Trends by Panel Makers
3.1 Samsung Display
3.2 LG Display
3.3 BOE
3.4 CSOT
3.5 EverDisplay Optronics
3.6 Tianma
3.7 Visionox
3.8 Exhibition Trends

4. Material and Technology Trends related to Foldable and Rollable OLED
4.1 Ultra Thin Glass
4.2 Colorless PI
4.3 Polarizer
4.4 Encapsulation
4.5 Touch Sensor
4.6 Materials for Light Extraction Improvement
4.7 Pen for Foldable Device
4.8 Under Panel Camera

5. Cover Window Market Forecast for Foldable OLED 
5.1 Total
5.2 Colorless PI
5.3 Ultra Thin Glass

6. Panel Makers’ Flexible OLED Line Trend and Capacity Forecast
6.1 Analysis of Korean Panel Company Line Trends
6.2 Analysis of Chinese Panel Company Line Trends
6.3 By Company
6.4 By Substrate

7. Flexible OLED Market Forecast
7.1 Total
7.2 By Application
7.3 By Country
7.4 By Company
7.5 By Company by Application