Flexible OLED Annual Report


The data used for this report has been compiled, based on OLED companies’ information, though wired/wireless communication or in person, and participation in exhibitions, conferences, and seminars with the organizers’ consent.

The market forecast data in this report has been collected through simulation based on expected operation rate and yield rate on the basis of UBI Research’s DB in accordance with investment trends and the technological level of Flexible AMOLED panel companies.


Executive Summary

A summary for quick understanding of entire report.

Issue Analysis

Smartphone’s hardware performance has improved as much as possible and can no longer be the differential point within the market. Therefore companies are active in differentiating their products through flexible AMOLED applied designs and functions. A key smartphone production company Samsung Elec. is selling Galaxy S6 Edge more than anticipated, and Apple is also considering flexible AMOLED for the next model.

However, as Samsung Display and LG Display are the only companies that can mass produce flexible AMOLED, the demand currently exceeds the supply.

This report analyzed the sales trend of Samsung Elec. and Apple so far and forecast estimated sales until 2020. Through analysis of panel companies’ flexible AMOLED line capa. and number of flexible AMOLED applied smartphone,  enabled forecast of key panel companies’ flexible AMOLED line investment timing.

Flexible AMOLED Panel History and Company Trend

Compiled released flexible AMOLED panels by year for quick understanding. Analyzed key panel companies trends, including Samsung Display and LG Display’s, to understand the industry’s direction.

Flexible AMOLED Panel Technical Skills Analysis

Based on the traits of flexible AMOLED panels so far released by Samsung Display, LG Display, Japan Display, AUO, and BOE, analyzed the technical skills by companies.

Flexible AMOLED Process Technology / Supply Chain

Samsung Display and LG Display’s mass produced flexible AMOLED panel structure and related equipment, supply chain related to material companies, and production process compilation.

Key Panel Companies’ Line Situation and Investment Trend

Based on the key flexible AMOLED panel companies’ mass production line situation and estimated investment plan of 2015-2017, this section was prepared to aid in business strategy planning of companies within flexible AMOLED value chain.

Development History Analysis of OLED Lighting Panel Companies

Analyzed key OLED lighting companies’ 2015 trends to understand overall situation of the industry.

Analyzed development history of key OLED lighting companies to understand OLED lighting development trend by company in order to deal with the market trend.

Flexible OLED Market Forecast (2015-2020)

Due to the Galaxy S6 Edge’s success and estimation that Apple’s next model will have flexible AMOLED panel, active flexible AMOLED investment by key panels is anticipated. Within OLED lighting, flexible is estimated to create high added value. With the active investment by key OLED lighting panel companies, including LG Chem., forecast it is estimated that market will actively grow. This report estimated, compared, and analyzed key OLED display and OLED lighting panel companies’ flexible OLED investment strategy and number of flexible OLED application. Through this, forecast flexible AMOLED panel, flexible OLED lighting market, and plastic substrate (key material for flexible OLED) market to aid in market analysis and business strategy planning.

Analysis of SID Papers (2013-2015)

Analyzed last 3 years of SID’s flexible OLED related papers from diverse perspectives. Based on the 3 years of technology development trend, enabled technology development forecast.

Flexible AMOLED Latest Technology Trend

Summarized and compiled flexible OLED related key papers revealed in SID 2015. Expected to aid in understanding of recent flexible OLED related issues and technology trend.

Format : PDF / Page : 143p / Updated : 2015. 6


1. Executive Summary

2. Issue Analysis
2.1 Apple iPhone’s Flexible AMOLED Application Potential and Investment Forecast
2.2 Samsung Display’s Flexible AMOLED Investment, A2 Conversion vs. New A3

3. Flexible AMOLED Panel History
3.1 LG Display
3.2 Samsung Display
3.3 Others

4. Trend Analysis of Flexible AMOLED Panel Companies
4.1 AUO
4.2 BOE
4.3 Japan Display
4.4 LG Display
4.5 Samsung Display
4.6 NVO
4.7 Others

5. Flexible AMOLED Panel Technical Skills Analysis

6. Flexible AMOLED Process Technology
6.1 LG Display
6.2 Samsung Display

7. Flexible AMOLED Panel Supply Chain
7.1 LG Display
7.2 Samsung Display

8. Key Panel Companies’ Line Situation and Investment Trend

9. Flexible OLED Lighting History

10. Trend Analysis of Flexible OLED Lighting Companies
10.1 LG Chem.
10.2 Konica Minolta
10.3 Osram
10.4 Others

11. Flexible OLED Market Forecast (2016-2020)
11.1 Outline
11.2 Flexible AMOLED Display Panel Market
11.3 Flexible OLED Lighting Panel Market
11.4 Flexible OLED Substrate Market

12. Analysis of SID Papers (2013-2015)
12.1 Outline
12.2 Total
12.3 by Company
12.4 by Topic
12.5 by Year
12.6 AI Analysis

13. Flexible AMOLED Latest Technology Trend


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