Key Issue and The Market Analysis for Foldable OLED – Flexible OLED Annual Report


Flexible AMOLED panel market  growing up to 1 billion won until 2020

According to UBI research report on ‘’Key issues and market analysis for Foldable OLED” issued on 4th of October, 2016. 2020 flexible AMOLED panel shipment (including Smart Watch panel) will grow to approx. one billion USD.

The report says that Samsung Electronics has made its success in the flexible AMOLED smartphone market with distinctive Edge band design, and other competitors are trying to adopt it as well. It should be resulting in a remarkable increase of Edge-type flexible AMOLED smartphone market size in 2017. Particularly all the high-end models from Samsung electronics are equipped with flexible AMOLED panel, and the first iPhone from Apple with flexible AMOLED panel will be launched in 2017. Accordingly, the flexible AMOLED panel market is showing 70% annual market growth, and the forecast is approx US$ 40,000 million in 2020.

In 2017 a foldable smartphone and dual edge-model which is slightly transformed from the current model, in the flexible AMOLED panel application will be introduced in the market.

UBI Research says “In 2017 there is a high possibility for a launch of a new-fixed type flexible smartphone and a foldable smartphone. The early foldable smartphone especially is likely to be released to observe the market response.”

On the other hand, to implement the foldable application the report includes key issues and current situation of each process (substrate ~ cover window), and main development trends. This is expected to allow the players to forecast a direction of truly flexible AMOLED panel development.

Written by Analyst. Hana Oh
Hyunjun Jang


1. Market Forecast

  • Total Flexible OLED market analysis period: 2016 – 2020
  • Primary  Panel company  investment analysis period: 2017 – 2018
  • Contents: Total, by Panel, Type, Country, Generation, Size, Encapsulation, Substrates

2. Flexible AMOLED Panel Companies

  • Current status : Samsung Display etc.,  16EA companies
  • Business strategy: Samsung Display etc.,  12EA companies
  • History analysis : Samsung Display, etc. 26 EA companies

3. Foldable OLED core issue analysis

  • Contents : Cover window, Substrates, Electrode, Encapsulation, TSP, Adhesive, Lift Off Process


1. summary

2. Foldable OLED understanding
2.1 introduction
2.2 Flexible Application road map
2.3  Application example

3. Foldable OLED core issue analysis
3.1 introduction
3.2 Cover Window
3.3 Substrates
3.4 Electrode
3.5 Encapsulation
3.6 TSP
3.7 Adhesive
3.8 Lift Off Process

4. Flexible AMOLED Panel History  
4.1 introduction
4.2 LG Display
4.3 Samsung Display
4.4 Others

5. Flexible AMOLED Panel company trend
5.1 AUO
5.2 BOE
5.3 Tianma
5.4 Japan Display
5.5 LG Display
5.6 Samsung Display
5.7 NVO
5.8 Others

6. Flexible AMOLED process technology
6.1 AUO
6.2 Samsung Display
6.3 Others7. Supply Chain and panel structure analysis
7.1 LG Display
7.2 Samsung Display

8. Primary Panel company line status and investment trend
8.1 Primary Panel company line status and investment trend
8.2 Primary Panel company investment prospect (2017~2018)
8.3 Korea
8.4 China
8.5 Japan
8.6 Taiwan

9. Flexible OLED market prospect (2016~2020)
9.1 introduction
9.2 overview of market
9.3 Flexible AMOLED Panel  market
9.4 market depending on flexible Type
9.5 market depending on country
9.6 in generation
9.7 in size
9.8 Encapsulation technology
9.9 Flexible substrate market

There may be minor changes in the schedule.


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