Growth prospect of OLED lighting market to about US M$ 4,700 by 2020

It is expected that OLED lighting market will increase to about US M$ 4,700 by 2020.

According to “2014 OLED Lighting Annual Report” by UBI Research, investment of the OLED panel makers will begin from 2015 and the average annual growth rate will be about 100% from 2015 to 2020.

UBI Research forecasted that, “although the OLED lighting companies are continuously delaying the investment, a new product which has efficiency equal to that of LED will be on the market in 2015 and they will begin investment in full-scale as a result of analysis on the major OLED panel makers’ roadmap.”

The 2014 OLED Lighting Annual Report analyzed that the upcoming product will have the similar specifications as the current LED lighting has and the average target of the major OLED lighting panel makers in 2015 includes 100lm/W of efficiency, 5,000cd/m2 of brightness and 30,000hr of lifetime. LG Chem. with the most aggressive goal is expected to lead the OLED lighting market.

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