H1 2013 AMOLED Half Report, Market Analysis and Forecast 2013~2017


The report documented AMOLED market outlook based on current state, expected investment of panel companies in the future and issues of AMOLED market in the first half of 2013

Main contents of each chapter are as in the following

Chapter 2. Current states and investments of 9 AMOLED main companies including Samsung Display and LG Display in the second half of 2013 were divided and analyzed into mobile display, large sized display and flexible display.

In the first half of 2013, Samsung Display and LG Display released 55 inch curved OLED TV worth 15 million. Samsung Display displayed their products, focusing on Galaxy S4 released on May at SID2013. They also concentrated on decrease of power consumption thanks to 440 ppi FHD AMOLED panel with diamond pixel construction and increase of material efficiency.

LG Display is supposed to produce 2013 flexible AMOLED in large quantity following curved OLED TV and released 5.0 inch flexible AMOLED panel at SID2013.

BOE is supposed to install Gen8 evaporation equipment to produce panels for TV at Hefei B6 line.

Chapter 3. the report arranges investment outcome and production state of AMOLED line of AMOLED panel companies quarterly and analyzes when they would prepare for equipment in 2013 and produce products in large quantity based on invest plan and development situation. It also investigated and arranged current state of AMOLED line according to generations, capa, and manufacturing process.

Chapter4, the report investigated shipments and sale figures of AMOLED quarterly and analyzed shipments, sales and ASP. And it also arranged rate of growth quarterly. As smart phone market has reached its maximum and size of AMOLED panel has increased, shipments of second quarter in 2013 were reported up to ——— units. Sales decreased ———% in comparison with last quarter, ———.

Chapter 5, the report investigated shipments and sales figures of AMOLED semiannually and arranged shipments, sales figures and ASP. And it also analyzed rate of growth semiannually. Annual growth has ——— since H2 in 2012 and H1 shipments in 2013 were ———- units. It has formed more than —- market since H2 in 2012 when sales of AMOLED panel for 5 inch phablet with high ASP increased and sales of H1 2013 was ———.

Chapter 6, the report predicted AMOLED market from 2013 to 2017. Applications are smart phone, phablet, tablet PC and TV. Smart phone market is expected to keep —- market share continuously and tablet PC market will surpass —- since 2016. Total shipments of AMOLED in 2013 are expected to be —- and a——– market is supposed to be formed in 2017.

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