H1 2014 Half AMOLED Report


It is forecasted that AMOLED market will show a rapid growth with an annual average growth rate of 32% from 2016.

According to “H1 2014 Half AMOLED Report” by a market research firm, UBI Research, the AMOLED market will be about 10 billion dollar in 2014. With average of 32% growth rate from 2016, it will grow to 46.5 billion by 2020.

The OLED market will record a low growth rate of about 10% in 2014 with the stop of rapid growth due to the delay of Samsung Display and LG Display’s investments in the OLED and the drop of its selling price.

However, it is expected that LG Display will place orders for Gen6 line for plastic OLED and M3 line for large size TV over 55 inches, as Samsung Display started to place an order for A3 line equipment for the flexible OLED in the first half of this year. Thus the market will turn to recovery from 2015 and the rapid growth will be continued again from 2016.

In the first half of 2014, market performance of the AMOLED panel has also recovered. The report showed that the sales of the AMOLED panel in the first half of 2014 was about 5 billion dollars with 21% growth rate from the previous quarter. It is considered that such growth was driven by the increased number of smartphone introduced with the AMOLED panel including Galaxy S5, unlike the previous quarter when the growth rate had decreased.


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