The 17th IMID Industrial Forum

Chair Greeting

“On behalf of the organizing committee of Industrial Forum 2017, I would like to sincerely appreciate your interest and participation on Industrial Forum 2017 to be held in Busan, Korea on August 30, 2017. Industrial Forum 2017 aims to provide a place for new opportunities for the current markets including OLED, VR, and Automotive displays. Furthermore, it will also acknowledge and discuss the perspective of the future markets in the display industry. I truly hope that you will take a chance to be a part of this event in sharing knowledge and ideas. I am looking forward to seeing all of you soon in Busan, Korea on August 2017.”

Prof. Sung Tae Shin(Korea Univ)
Prof. Byung-Doo Chin (Dankook Univ)
Dr. Jeong-Ik Lee(ETRI)
Committee Members
Dr. Choong Hoon Yi, Seul Ji Lee, Sunghye Park (UBI Research)
Advisory Board Members
Bongseok Beak (VOLKSWAGEN Group)
Chang Yeon Kim (LG Display)

A number of signs that signal big growth in the OLED industry have been observed. This is an indication of desires to search for future display industry. In order to meet the demands, KIDS(The Korean Information Display Society), together with UBI Research, will host “Industrial Forum” in IMID 2017.
Industrial Forum” will provide the market prospects and future technical trends to develop new market opportunities.

• Date: Wednesday, 30th of August, 2017
• Venue: Bexco, Busan, Korea

Topic : Finding New OLED Application Market

Julian K Chang
Associate Tech Fellow Optics and Electronics of Boeing Commercial Airplane

Title : Boeing commercial airplane cockpit display and passenger entertainment display (past, current and future)

Airplane display has transform how pilot flight the airplane! The cockpit CRT and annunciator lamp have been replaced with LCD/AMLCD display and LED lamp, this change of technology allow much more messages to be displayed and the efficiency of electronics interfaces also improve pilot working environment.  The touch screen technology is coming into the cockpit operation and future generation cockpit has lots to do with the display system. The passenger entertainment has improved from few celling mounted display (CRT or LCD panel) to individual seat mount displays.  The LED lighting, OLED panel and other optical devise are also introducing into the latest passenger compartment and as part of IFE (In-flight Entertainment) to improve human in-flight experience.

Professor of Organic Materials and Systems Research Organization for Center of Innovation, Yamagata University

Title : Current Status and Future Trend on OLED Materials, Devices and Processes for Lighting Application

Recently OLED technologies is becoming a major trend in the field of both display and lighting. Robust OLED materials, which are printable and give us much higher performance of the device, R2R process and the best mechanism for light extraction for OLED lighting will be discussed.

Woo-Sug Jung
Principal Researcher of ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)

Title : HMD based mixed reality space communication and media control platform technology (Subtitle : HMD based Smart Space with mixed reality technology)

I will present the overview of HMD including basic concepts, technical issues and current status etc. and briefly explain a concept of the smart space, which has developed the mixed reality service in ETRI and show a result of the smart space with demo video clip

– What is the mixed reality?
– The technical issue for HMD(Head Mounted Display)
– The HMD based the mixed reality service in ETRI (subtitle : Smart Space)

Michihisa Onishi
Senior Engineer of Alpine Electronics, Inc.

Title : Alpine Display Business and Technology

The direction of Alpine’s approach to the automotive display business is introduced. The future applications of displays to the driver’s cockpit, to make it as a premium cabin space, are demonstrated in association with Alpine’s technical development road map

Teruo Tohma
Technical Consultant

Title : Challenges for realization of real organic electronics

True flexible OLED display, which must be thin and light, reliable and cheap, will be the key device in future electronics world. To make it happen, new proper technology need to be established including organic TFT, flexible encapsulation and R2R..

Topic : Which one will be the winner of future LCD, QDLCD vs OLED?

Choong Hoon Yi
Chief Analyst/President of UBI Research

Title : OLED TV Market Forecast followed by the increase of demand from Premium TV market

In Premium TV market, the major companies, Samsung electronics, LG electronics and Sony are still selling LCD TV, but the business focus of LG electronics and Sony is now about OLED TV.
OLED TV market, so far led by LG electronics is expected to have more dynamic with Sony.
It is observed that Samsung electronics is trying hard to maintain their market share with QLED TV and it is actually LCD TV.
UBI Research analyzes the product trend of these 3 companies and presents the future market – who will get the dominance of the market.

Weiran Cao
Senior Scientist of TCL Corporate Research

Title : [Keynote] TCL Display Technology with QDs

Colloidal quantum dots (QDs) are considered as a “perfect” emitter. TCL has already started the research in QDs and launched products with QD enhanced LCDs. This presentation will cover TCL’s display technology based on quantum dots.

Nam-Seok Roh
Vice President, Display R&D Group, R&D Team, Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics

Title : [Keynote] Quantum Dot and Advance of LCD-TV

Evolution of LCD television is not finished yet. Introduction of several technologies such as Quantum dots can increase LCD TV’s quality dramatically. We will discuss about how far LCD TV can go.

Joon Young Yang
Head of OLED Advanced Research Division 1, LG Display

Title : [Keynote] OLED, Now and Future

Current OLED TV status will be reviewed with market and evolutional trend. Future OLED with various design freedom will be discussed such as flexible and rollalbe TV. For example, 77 inch transparent flexible panel will be showed with technical challenges.

* Depending on the speaker’s circumstances, the schedule/topics are subject to change.
* Official Language is English.


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