Market Entry Analysis for Solution Process OLED -The Possibilities and Opportunities


Solution Process OLED TV is prospected to be launched on the market in 2019, targeting the Mid-end TV Market.

According to “Market Entry Analysis for Solution Process OLED -The Possibilities and Opportunities” issued on November 14 by UBI research, OLED TV, produced in solution process method, is prospected to be launched on the market in 2019.

Solution process is a technology which enables producing OLED panel in RGB pixel structure without any panel division on a device higher than G8, which major AMOLED panel producers has actively engaged in developing.

However, lamp efficiency and life cycle have no option to decrease because luminescent materials have lower purity than that of evaporation materials as luminescent materials applied to solution process should be mixed with various solvents in order to make the existing evaporation materials ink. Nevertheless, why major panel producers has actively engaged in developing solution process is that production cost can be declined as the usage efficiency of luminescent materials is high without using color filters and its structure is simpler than that of OLED panel using WRGB method.

According to the report, it is said that although developing luminescent materials for solution process OLED has been fully engaged, it should be more efficient than that of WRGB methods so as to enter the premium market. However, it seems substantially difficult that the capacity of solution process OLED surpasses that of WRGB as WRGB has been developed in top emission structure to improve its efficiency by over 20% and evaporation materials have also constantly been developed. Rather, based on proper level of life time and efficiency, it would be competitive to replace LCD targeting the mid-end TV market, according to the report.

Issues on OLED, QLED, hybrid QD, which can be applied to solution process and possibilities to enter the market, comparative analysis on the capacity of present solution process OLED, supply chain of QD industries, and major soluble OLED material producers are included in this “Market Entry Analysis for Solution Process OLED –The Possibilities and opportunities” and it is expected to help the relevant producers understand the solution process industry.

Meanwhile, it is predicted that the market of large-scaled solution process OLED panel over 55 inch will begin in earnest being mass-produced as of 2019 and have accounted for the entire wide OLED panel market by approximately 15% growing by approximately US$ 1,000 million by 2021.


1. Applicable Technology and Issues (OLED, QLED, and Hybrid QD)

2. Market Forecast

  • Total Solution Process OLED Market Analysis Period: 2017 – 2021
  • Analysis Content: Outline, Mid-to-Large Size OLED Market, Solution Process OLED Panel Market, Solution Process OLED Emitting Materials Market, Solution Process OLED Manufacturing Equipment Market

3. Trend Analysis of Key Companies

  • Panel Companies: Samsung Display etc., 6EA companies
  • Emitting Materials Companies: Dupont etc., 3EA companies
  • Manufacturing Equipment Companies: Tokyo Electron etc., 6EA companies


1. Executive Summary

2. The Reason Solution Process is Necessary
2.1 Outline
2.2 Differentiation Factor From Existing Method
2.3 Solution Process Expected Effect
2.4 Solution Process Manufacturing Equipment

3. Solution Process Applicable Technology
3.1 OLED
3.2 QLED
3.3 Hybrid QD

4 .Key Issues and Applicability Analysis
4.1 OLED
4.2 QLED
4.3 Hybrid QD

5. Market Status Analysis (Key Panel Companies’ Development Trend and Supply Chain)
5.1 Key Panel Companies Large Area Business and Development Trend
5.2 OLED Supply Chain
5.3 Quantum Dot Supply Chain

6. Mass Production and Market Entry Possibility Analysis
6.1 TV Product Roadmap Analysis
6.2 Market Entry Scenario Analysis
6.3 Conclusion

7. Development Trend Analysis of Solution Process OLED Emitting Materials
7.1 Outline
7.2 Efficiency
7.3 Lifetime

8. Solution Process OLED Market Forecast (2017-2021)
8.1 Outline
8.2 Mid-to-Large Area OLED Market
8.3 Solution Process OLED Panel Market
8.4 Solution Process OLED Emitting Materials Market
8.5 Solution Process OLED Manufacturing Equipment Market

9. Trend Analysis of Key Companies
9.1 Panel Companies
9.2 Emitting Materials Companies
9.3 Manufacturing Equipment Companies

10. Solution Process OLED Development History Analysis

There may be minor changes in the schedule.


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