This report is to percuss the possibility of OLED market future expansion by understanding the electronic products’ design and development trend from many types of OLED installed machines that are for market expansion and profit produces from varieties of SET enterprises.

Starting from Tohoku Pioneer OLED car audio production in 1999, variety usage products are being presented by three big countries, Japan, Rep. of Korea, and Taiwan. Although OLED requires a technological maturation due to its young age, it had succeeded in pocket sized electric machineries.

The black color theme light which cannot be practice in LCD is having its true value as external screen for MP3 and mobile phone that requires a high quality small display screen. The AMOLED application is assured by overcoming the boundaries of passive PMOLED.

The goal of this report is the percussion of market expansion possibility and understanding the electronic product’s design and development with variety types of OLED’S loading machineries that are produced from present set enterprises around the world through the OLD market expansion and originating the revenue.

I. Introduction

II. OLED feature and possible applicable area
1. OLED applied product
2. Mobile phone
2.1 Mobile phone market
2.2 Mobile phone trend
3. MP3 player
3.1 MP3 player market and trend
4. Automobile entertainment machinery market and trend
5. Digital Camera market trend and market prospect
6. PDA trend and market scale

III. OLED applied product
1. OLED equipped Mobile phone applied product
1.1 Korean enterprises OLED equipped Mobile phone
1.2 Japanese enterprises OLED equipped Mobile phone
1.3 United States and Europe enterprises OLED equipped Mobile phone
1.4 China and Taiwan enterprises OLED equipped Mobile phone

2. OLED equipped MP3 player applied product
2.1 Award winners in the MP3 players
2.2 Super light MP3
2.3. Super small PMP or MP3?
2.4 Korea OLED equipped MP3 products
2.5 Japan OLED equipped MP3 products
2.6 United States OLED equipped MP3 products
2.7 Taiwan and Southeast Asia OLED equipped MP3 product
2.8 Europe and Canada OLED equipped MP3 products
2.9 China OLED equipped MP3 products
2.10 Hong Kong OLED equipped MP3 products

3. OLED equipped car stereo products
4.OLED equipped PMP ? NEOSOL cliod
5. OLED equipped products
Appendix I. OLED equipped product manufacturing enterprises list

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