OLED has been extending its range to application for sub display of cell phones and MP3 players since Tohuku Pioneer first used PMOLED for car audio in 1999. In 2006, OLED panel and its applications are not only increased in quantity but also in variety of products.

Although OLED still needs more technological development compared to LCD and PDP, it has set a firm position in compact electronic appliance display. Portable 2-inch products using PMOLED technology will be expected to be in the market later this year. While AMOLED is being considered for its marketability for cell phones and digital cameras, it is used for keyboards, dashboards, and wristwatches.
This report was prepared to understand designs and development status of electronic appliances and view the possibility of OLED market extension through various OLED built-in devices by set manufacturers worldwide.

PDF 61pages No.24 Oct. 2006

This report was prepared to examine OLED related products launched since later last year until now and review the beginning, present and the future of OLED products. In product category, total of 219 products including 130 MP3 players; 49 cell phones; 9 car stereos; 6 HMDs; 4 DSCs; and 11 others have been launched so far.

Majority of OLED products are MP3 players and distribution of countries of manufacturers is significantly diverse. In addition, OLED use among manufacturers from Japan, Taiwan, Europe, and Singapore has been increased. Korean manufacturers have launched 42 products so far.

This report analyzed development trend and designs of OLED products manufactured worldwide since later last year until this October; it will be a useful source to OLED industry officials, academia and students.

I . Introduction
II. OLED Application Related Industry Status
1. Characteristics and Application Range of OLED
2. OLED Applied Products Status
3. MP3 Players and OLED
3.1 MP3 Player Trend
3.1 MP3 Player Market Scale and Prospect
4. Cellular Phones
4.1 Domestic/Overseas Cell Phone Market Scale and Prospect
4.2 Cell Phone Market Trend
5. Digital Camera Market Trend and Market Prospect
III. OLED Applied Products
1. OLED Built-in MP3 Player Products
1.1 OLED Built-in MP3 Players by Domestic Manufacturers
1.2. OLED Built-in MP3 Products by Japanese Manufacturers
1.3 OLED Built-in MP3 Products by Taiwanese Manufacturers
1.4 OLED Built-in MP3 Products by Chinese Manufacturers
1.5 OLED Built-in MP3 Products by American and Australian Manufacturers
1.6 OLED Built-in MP3 Products by European Manufacturers
1.7 OLED Built-in MP3 Products by Southeast Asian Manufacturers
2. OLED Built-in Cellular Phones
2.1 OLED Built-in Cell Phones by Domestic Manufacturers
2.2 OLED Built-in Cell Phones by Japanese Manufacturers
2.3 OLED Built-in Cell Phones by Taiwanese and Chinese Manufacturers
2.4 OLED Built-in Cell Phones by European and American Manufacturers
3. OLED Built-in Car Audio Products
4. OLED Built-in HMD Products
5. OLED Built-in Digital Cameras
6. Other OLED Built-in Products
IV. Conclusion
Appendix I. List of Manufacturers of OLED Built-in Products

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