2019 OLED Emitting Material Report

Emitting Material
2019 AMOLED Emitting
Material Report

OLED Emitting Material Market
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March Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec

In 2018, Visionox is expected to begin production of flexible OLED panels in 2019 following the successful shipment of BOE’s flexible OLED panels. As Chinese display makers have proven to be able to produce flexible OLEDs, Visionox and Tianma, including BOE, are hurrying to invest in additional lines, which will lead to an increase in the consumption of emitting materials by Chinese panel makers.
In addition, Samsung Display is expected to convert the 8G LCD line into a QD-OLED line to produce large OLED panels for TVs, and the blue OLED market will become hot.
The OLED Emission Material Report in 2019 focuses on the Chinese OLED emitting material market and the QD-OLED emitting material market, covering the latest OLED emitting material development trends and company trends.
This report is provided with Market Track. There are two types of Market Track: yearly market data and quarterly market data.

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