Currently, the data storage medium and display have replaced the paper medium. If CRT is the first generation, then the second generation is the flat panel display. LCD and PDP, right now OLED is following the last.

Looking on the OLED market growth status, right now is very important period. There are two directions that can be taken, such as expressing color that resembles a natural color in the display or go under with LCD market.

PDF 31pages No.19 2006.05

OLED 2006 ROADMAP What recent display industries currently requests are low power consumption, slim high resolution for mobile display for less than ten inch and high approval and quick response speed for larger than ten inch mobile display. Also, realization of lowering price is a common subject.

Poly-Si TFT technique that features low voltage driving, fast electron movement, and interior circuit keeping is required in AMOLED, having the electric current driving as their basic concept. Also, securing the manufacturing technique of moving electron current TFT and excellent imaging special control is the pivotal point since OLED’s TFT Array needs a hard LCD design condition preparation and technique. To increase the lifetime, aperture and light efficiency improvement is required first and high luminescent efficiency’s organic material development is the key technique to develop as well as the main required subject. To lower the price, high and low cost including low temperature poly realization is required in which improves the net die, masks diminution, and crystallization technique improvement as well as need of reducing the prime cost of internal driving circuit.

The improvement insufficient performance such as TFT LCD contrasting brightness, electric power consumption is urgent, and securing the competition of the prime cost and high credit is essential. According to Panel’s side, to overcome the TFT LCD contrasting performance, developments such as high permeate polarization board, a requisite technique development, high efficient organic material development and applying the new electronic materials is required. In Module’s side, low electrical power driving IC development and high efficiency DC, and DC converter development is an urgent subject.

This report shows how OLED display develops in a market and provides a roadmap to achieve it by offering its possibility index.

1.MERGED BUSINESS’S FLOW???????????????????????????????????3
1.1 Mobile Internet ????????????????????????????????????????????????4
1.2 Mobile TV ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????5
1.3 IP TV ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????7
2. DISPLAY AND OLED ???????????????????????????????????????????8
2.1 Display branch ????????????????????????????????????????????????8
2.2 OLED History and Prospect????????????????????????????????10
2.3 OLED Mobile Phone History and Prospect ????????????12
2.4 OLED MP3 Player History and Prospect ????????????????14
2.5 OLED Other Product History and Prospect ????????????15
3. OLED Product Roadmap ???????????????????????????????????????16
4. OLED Technical Roadmap ?????????????????????????????????????18
4.1 AMOLED Technical Roadmap ????????????????????????????18
4.1.1 Below 10 inch AMOLED ????????????????????????????????19
? Brightness ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????19
? Electrical power consumption ?????????????????????????????20
? PPI ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????21
? slim and technique ?????????????????????????????????????????22
4.1.2 More than 10 inch AMOLED ??????????????????????????23
4.1.3 Semiconductor peculiar contrast ?????????????????????24
4.1.4 Possible driving IC internal keeping Amount ??????26
4.2 PMOLED Technical Roadmap ?????????????????????????????27
? Structure Specialty ??????????????????????????????????????????28
? Image Specialty ???????????????????????????????????????????????29
? Optics Specialty ????????????????????????????????????????????30
5.Summary ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????31

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