OLED Emitting Material Annual Report


* OLED Emitting Material Annual Report provides updated information. (Except the Single-Hard Copy)

–Report Update: August (H1)

–Report Format: It will be provided as an Excel spreadsheet.


All the information used in this report were obtained by wire/wireless communication, door-to-door question and answer, or by attending to exhibition, conference, and seminar under the agreement of host based on research of OLED companies.

Research of prospect of the future market in this report is based on the DB of UBI research using optimized numerical values by simulating the prospective rate of operation and yield according to the trend of investment of AMOLED panel company and the company’s technical standard.


Executive summary

Summary of the report with key contents.

Issue Analysis

Analysis of latest OLED emitting material key issues. Includes soluble material market size and commercialization forecast, Samsung Display’s newly developed material supply chain, glass area analysis for newly developed materials, and China’s OLED emitting material market forecast.

Trends of Key AMOLED Panel Companies / Investment Trends

Based on the key AMOLD panel companies’ 2014 trends and investments, forecast 2015 panel companies’ investment plans and business direction.

Trend Analysis of Key Material Companies

Includes key OLED emitting material companies’ business situation, materials on sale, key customers, and forecasts. Enables understanding of material companies’ trends and business directions.

Competitiveness Analysis of Key Material Companies

Analysis of competitiveness based on key OLED material companies’ 2014 performance, patents, mass production situation, and 2015 business capacity.

Panel Companies Control of Evaporators

Report of evaporator possession situation by mass production and R&D lines of AMOLED panel companies.

Supply Chain and Panel Structure Analysis

Analysis of AMOLD panel structure being mass produced by Samsung Display and LG Display, and their emitting material companies per each layer.

OLED Emitting Material Cost Trends

Report of emitting material cost being used for mass production. Enables understanding of cost change.

Market Forecast

Based on the companies’ investment plans and UBI Research’s DB, forecast emitting material market per country, size, substrate type, and pixel formation method until 2020.

Korean OLED Emitting Material National Project

Reports of 2014 OLED Emitting Material National Project of Korea including outline, participating companies, target, and performance.

Format : PDF / Page : 113p / Updated : 2015. 3


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