OLED Encapsulation Report 2016


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The market forecast data in this report has been collected through simulation based on expected operation rate and yield rate on the basis of UBI Research’s DB in accordance with investment trends and the technological level of AMOLED panel companies.

Executive Summary
A summary for quick understanding of the entire report.

Encapsulation Outline
Includes encapsulation definition, categorization, and basic process for easy and simple understanding of encapsulation technology.

Transparent Gas Barrier Film Issue Analysis
Analyzed the current application status, applicable areas, and market entry prospect for transparent gas barrier film which is receiving much attention as the key material for the next encapsulation. Also analyzed opportunity and risk factors of transparent gas barrier compared to encapsulation currently used. Development direction and trends of key companies were compiled and analyzed market volume that transparent gas barrier film can form. This section will be able to assist companies interested in transparent gas barrier film business in business strategy planning.

Atomic Layer Deposition Encapsulation Development Trend
Analyzed technology, characteristics, latest issues and companies’ recent trend of ALD (atomic layer deposition) which is receiving much attention as flexible AMOLED panel’s next encapsulation. This will assist in related companies’ encapsulation technology forecast.

Encapsulation Development Trend
Compiled general encapsulation technology trend based on AMOLED panel products. Particularly, through the analysis of technology changes and history of hybrid encapsulation, rapidly changing OLED encapsulation market can be understood.

Encapsulation Trend Analysis of Key Companies
This section deals with latest encapsulation related technology trends of key panel, manufacturing equipment, and materials companies to understand the general trend of the OLED encapsulation industry. Also, analyzed detailed encapsulation processes of key panel companies to understand manufacturing equipment and materials used.

Encapsulation Supply Chain Analysis
Samsung Display and LG Display’s encapsulation technology related manufacturing equipment and materials companies’ supply chain is analyzed.

AMOLED Panel Market Forecast by Encapsulation Technology

Encapsulation Equipment Market Forecast

Encapsulation Material Market Forecast
Forecast AMOLED panel market, encapsulation manufacturing equipment market, and encapsulation materials market by encapsulation technology in 2016-2020. Can help understand detailed market from encapsulation related key materials to manufacturing equipment and AMOLED panel.

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1. Research Background (6)

2. Executive Summary (8)

3. Encapsulation Outline (11)

4. Transparent Gas Barrier Film Issue Analysis (15)
4.1 Application Status
4.2 Applicable Areas
4.3 Market Entry Prospect (Mobile & TV)
4.4 Opportunity / Threat Factor Analysis
4.5 Development Direction and Status
4.6 Market Forecast

5. Atomic Layer Deposition Encapsulation Technology Trend (27)
5.1 Existing Thin Film Encapsulation Technology Issues
5.2 ALD Characteristics and Issues
5.3 ALD Technology and Process
5.4 ALD Key Panel Companies Trend
5.5 Conclusions

6. Encapsulation Development Trend (39)
6.1 Encapsulation Technology Trend
6.2 Hybrid Encapsulation History

7. Encapsulation Trend Analysis of Key Companies (47)
7.1 Panel Companies’ Encapsulation Trend

7.2 Manufacturing Equipment Companies’ Encapsulation Trend
7.3 Materials Companies’ Encapsulation Trend
7.4 Encapsulation Process by Companies

8. Encapsulation Supply Chain Analysis (93)

9. AMOLED Panel Market Forecast by Encapsulation Technology (2016-2020) ( 95)
9.1 Total Shipment
9.2 Total Revenue
9.3 Frit Glass Type AMOLED
9.4 Hybrid Type AMOLED

10. Encapsulation Equipment Market Forecast (2016-2020) (102)
10.1 Total Equipment Market
10.2 Encapsulation Equipment Market
10.3 by Technology
10.4 by Country

11. Encapsulation Materials Market Forecast (2016-2020) (107)
11.1 Total
11.2 Transparent Gas Barrier
11.3 Metal Foil
11.4 Organic Materials

There may be minor changes in the schedule.


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