To make OLED have a definite place as Display as TFT-LCD, not only image performance but it requires longer lifetime of Display Products. This report organizes the OLED encapsulation technology development and proposes future technology direction. It is because Encapsulation technology is the key technology to success for panel enterprises’ business

Samsung OLED (Samsung SNMD) and RitDisplay continuously presented products for sub-window after Tohuku Pioneer’s OLED merchandise in 1999.

To make OLED have a definite place as Display as TFT-LCD, not only improving the image performance but requires a longer lifetime of Display Products.

Basically, the lifetime for TV is about 30,000 hours or more and 50,000 hours or more for monitors. However, the lifetime for PMOLED mobile phone is only about 3,000 ~ 5,000 hours.

The reason why OLED lifetime is short compared with PDP and LCD is because of the overheating of emission materials. In addition, the oxidation of moisture and oxygen that comes from the exterior of the machinery is the other reason.

Therefore, 30,000 hours or more emission material development is very important in OLED industrialization, but it takes a long time when increasing the lifetime. So, it is required to acquire a strategy to use a given materials wisely and the encapsulation technology that allows maximum lifetime improvement is the key technology for the panel enterprises’ successful business.


2. Encapsulation?

3. Encapsulation needs

4. Encapsulation classification

5. CAN encapsulation

5.1 Metal can

5.2 Glass can

5.2.1 glass can manufacturing micro blast sanding process

5.3 Main glass can patent

5.4 Change of can by moisture absorption for packaging

5.5 Moisture absorption main patent

5.6 Sealing Materials

5.7 Sealing structure main patent

6. Thin film encapsulation

6.1 Thin film encapsulation main patent

7. Hybrid encapsulation

7.1 Hybrid encapsulation main patent

8. CAN encapsulation patent list

9. Thin film encapsulation patent list

10. Hybrid encapsulation patent list

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