OLED industry continued its technological and industralization growth in 2005. Although it showed a lower growth rate than expected in industralization field but it showed a incredible growth rate in technological field, which means the importance of OLED in the display industry is gradually increasing. To explain this situation, many display exhibitions were held all around the world in 2005. This report provides OLED industry trend by examining main exhibitions’ trend held during 2005.

In 2005, OLED associated enterprises displayed their research results in a display exhibition around many cities. The growth of OLED markets was continuous in 2005, and the markets were led by Rep. of Korea, Taiwan, and Japan enterprises.

A total of 23 OLED panel enterprises attended the exhibition in 2005 showing their 112 panels. Of these enterprises three were from Rep. of Korea, nine were from Japan, and seven were from Taiwan. According to OLEDNET’S research result, of the 112 panels, 38 panel products were from AMOLED and 74 panel products were from PMOLED. Tens of AMOLED panels were displayed as well as their year 2006 mass production panel models.

The largest international display exhibition SID’05 held place in Boston during May and 451 essays were presented. Of these essays, 25% Korean, 22% U.S., 20% Japanese, and 10% Taiwanese were presented showing that the research is developing mainly concentrated on these four countries. In the FPD TAIWAN 2005 held in Taiwan during June, including Taiwan, Rep. of Korea, and Japan and other FPD associated enterprises attended the exhibition. In Korea’s largest display academy as well as an exhibition, IMID 2005, 145 enterprises from eight countries attended the show with 15,000 spectators writing a history of being the largest exhibition throughout the generation in that time. The great last display festival FPD international 2005 was held in Pacific Yokohama, Japan. A total of 356 worldwide display associated enterprises attended the show which had to use the entire market as the festival place.

This reports describes the OLED’S main products and techniques displayed in main display exhibition shows in year 2005. It provides a sight of current OLED industry enterprises in year 2005 by clearly organizing the products from each enterprise.

1.1 AMOLED Development status ?????????????????????????????????5
1.2 PMOLED Development status ?????????????????????????????????9
1.3 Displayed OLED Panel Distribution ???????????????????????????10
2. MAIN EXHIBITIONS SCHEDULE ???????????????????????????????????12
3. OLED PANEL EXHIBITION ENTERPRISES ????????????????????????13
? LG Electronics ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????13
? Samsung Electronics ??????????????????????????????????????????????15
? Samsung SDI ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????17
? NIPPON SEIKI (OPTREX, ADEON) ????????????????????????????21
? HITACHI DISPLAY ????????????????????????????????????????????????22
? FUJI ELECTRIC. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????23
? ROHM ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????24
? TDK ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????25
? TMD ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 26
? TOHOKU PIONEER/ ELDIS ????????????????????????????????????? 27
? TOPPAN PRINTING ???????????????????????????????????????????????29
? SONY ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 29
? AUO ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 30
? CMEL ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????32
? CPT ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 33
? OPTO TECH ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 34
? RITDISPLAY ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 35
? TOPPOLY ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 37
? UNIVISION ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 38
? CDT ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????41
? KODAK ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 42
? OSRAM OPTO SEMICONDUCTORS ?????????????????????????44
? THOMSON ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????45
4. PANEL ENTERPRISE LIST ???????????????????????????????????????????????46

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