OLED is pioneering the market as mobile product’s display. PMOLED definitely took the place in the market as MP3 players’ basic display and is trying to create a new market by inventing a bigger panel size. AMOLED will have a serious entry to the market starting from 2006. AMOLED targets the mobile phone’s main screen and is developing products which is expected to have a competition with DMB phones in the market. Also, the selection rate of digital camera, PMP, and etc is expected to increase. This report provides information about OLED market results from past few years and about anticipated 2006 market.

PDF 39page No.15 2006.01

The OLED market scale in 2006 is 84.7million and it is expected to grow more for 150% since 2005. Within the 84.7million OLED markets, 81.2milions are PMOLED’S which is anticipated as the main stream of the OLED market. The rest of them 3.53million are from AMOLED which gives the anticipation of serious entry into the market.

In year 2006, PMOLED markets totaled 81.2million. Of these markets, 43.5million are mobile phone covering 53.6% of the total markets, 25.5million markets of MP3 players covering 31.4%. Also, AMOLED’S 1% market share in year 2005 is expected to be 13% in year 2006 due to large investments from other corporations.

Taiwan is expected to lead the productions in 2006 with 46% market share once again as they did in year 2005. Republic of Korea will have no huge difference since 2005 with 37% market share and Japan’s market share dwindles to 12% compared to 17% in year 2005.

However, it is expected that Republic of Korea will lead the first place in sales in year 2006 with 53%. Taiwan will follow Rep. of Korea with its 34% and Japan with 18%.

This report includes trends of main worldwide panel enterprises and recent OLED market’s movements. This report will be used as a useful barometer for people who have interest in OLED and OLED association enterprises’ in analyzing markets and prospecting the OLED market.

1.INTRODUCTION ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????3
2.OLED Industry trend???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????6
2.1 Panel Enterprise trend??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????6
2.2 Product Trend???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????20
3.OLED Market Trend???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????26
3.1 MARKET FORECAST; Worldwide OLEDs unit volumes ??????????26
3.2 PMOLED Market???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????27
3.3 MARKET FORECAST; PMOLED unit volumes ?????????????????????? 28
3.4 MARKET FORECAST; Shares of PMOLED unit volumes
by application ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????29
3.5 MARKET FORECAST; PMOLED revenues by application ???????30
3.6 PMOLED VOLUMES vs. REVENUES by application ??????????????? 31
3.7 MAKET FORECAST; AMOLED unit volumes ???????????????????????32
3.8 MAKET FORECAST; Worldwide OLED revenues ????????????????? 33
3.9 MAKET FORECAST; OLED unit volumes by country ???????????? 35
3.10 MARKET FORECAST; OLED REVENUES by country ?????????? 36
by country ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 37
4. OLED panel enterprise status ???????????????????????????????????????????????? 39

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