OLED Lighting Annual Report


The data used for this report has been compiled, based on OLED companies’ information, though wired/wireless communication or in person, and participation in exhibitions, conferences, and seminars with the organizers’ consent.

The market forecast data in this report has been collected through simulation based on expected operation rate and yield rate on the basis of UBI Research’s DB in accordance with investment trends and the technological level of OLED lighting panel companies.


Executive Summary

A summary for quick understanding of entire report.

Issue Analysis

As BMW is estimated to release OLED lighting rear lamp equipped model in 2016, and companies’ interest in automotive OLED lighting is increasing. Key OLED lighting panel companies also estimate automotive lighting to be a key OLED lighting application, and are developing various automotive OLED lighting. Analyzed automotive market where OLED lighting could be applied, and forecast automotive OLED lighting market until 2025

Interior lighting is occupying the highest percentage of the lighting market, and is rapidly changing to LED lighting from fluorescent and incandescent lighting. Through the analysis of living environment of each region and characteristics of OLED lighting, analyzed OLED lighting’s success prospect as interior lighting. Forecast OLED’s interior lighting market size until 2025.

Various countries are actively researching into OLED lighting. OLED lighting related projects are analyzed by country to understand OLED lighting development trend and forecast course for OLED lighting’s growth.

Trend Analysis of OLED Lighting Application

Analyzed OLED lighting products that have been presented in exhibition, or released or mass produced by each company in 2014 and 2015. Examined specifications and trends of recent exhibition products and analyzed application trends of these products. Forecast future OLED lighting application to aid in companies’ business strategy planning.

STEEP Analysis of OLED Lighting Industry

Through comparison analysis of advantages and disadvantages between OLED lighting and existing lighting (LED, fluorescent, incandescent lamps) and analyzed OLED lighting market’s past, present, and future from social, technological, environmental, economical, and political (legal) points of view. Based on this, described opportunities and threats for OLED lighting market in order to aid in companies’ business strategy planning.

Trend Analysis of OLED Lighting Panel Companies

Analyzed 2015 trends of key OLED lighting panel companies to understand general status of companies.

OLED Lighting Panel Company Development History Analysis

Analyzed key OLED lighting companies’ development history in order to understand development trend of OLED lighting companies and respond to market trend.

Competitiveness Analysis

Analyzed OLED lighting panel (revealed in 2014 and 2015) competitiveness in terms of efficiency, active area, brightness, and lifetime to understand OLED lighting market’s structure. Through the analysis of each company’s roadmap of last 3 years, enabled the companies to forecast future strategies.

Supply Chain Analysis

Analyzed supply chain of OLED lighting panel, module, and luminaire.

OLED Lighting Cost Analysis

Analyzed OLED lighting production cost in terms of size and mass production years. Through the analysis of mass production compatible equipment size, aided in decision making regarding conditions for high cost competitiveness. Analyzed factors that affect OLED lighting panel’s sample cost in terms of labor cost, process cost, and investment cost, and through this suggested key issues for production cost reduction.

Market Forecast (2015 – 2025)

As general lighting OLED lighting is expected to form market through combination with LED, and expand the market by creating new applications where OLED’s merits can be appreciated such as in rear lamps of automotive, medical use, exhibition, and cosmetics. Also using flexible and transparent panels, high added value creation is anticipated through differentiation from existing lighting. Therefore, key OLED lighting panel companies, including LG Chem., are expected to begin active investment and market is estimated to grow greatly. By forecasting market for OLED lighting panel and emitting material used for OLED lighting, this report is expected to aid in companies’ market analysis and business strategy establishment.

OLED Lighting Panel Market Forecast

Between 2015 and 2025, forecast OLED lighting market in terms of application, and substrate.

OLED Lighting Emitting Material Market Forecast

Between 2015 and 2025, forecast market for emitting material used in OLED lighting.

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1. Executive Summary

2. Issue Analysis
2.1 OLED Lighting, Prospect as Interior Lighting
2.2 Automotive OLED Lighting Market Growth Potential?
2.3 Trend Analysis of OLED Lighting Development

3. Trend Analysis of OLED Lighting Application
3.1 Recent Exhibition Trend
3.2 Application Trend

4. STEEP Analysis of OLED Lighting Industry
4.1 Outline
4.2 Social
4.3 Technological
4.4 Economical
4.5 Ecological
4.6 Political/Legal
4.7 Conclusion

5. Trend Analysis of OLED Lighting Panel Companies
5.1 Outline
5.2 LG Chem.
5.3 Osram
5.4 Philips
5.5 Panasonic
5.6 Lumiotec
5.7 Kaneka
5.8 Sumitomo Chem.
5.9 OLEDWorks
5.10 NEC Lighting
5.11 Konica Minolta

6. OLED Lighting Panel Company Development History Analysis
6.1 LG Chem.
6.2 Osram
6.3 Philips
6.4 Panasonic
6.5 Lumiotec
6.6 Kaneka
6.7 Key Development History

7. Competitiveness Analysis
7.1 by Company
7.2 by Product
7.3 Roadmap
7.4 Business Strategy Analysis of Key Companies

8. Supply Chain Analysis

9. OLED Lighting Cost Analysis
9.1 Outline
9.2 by Equipment Size
9.3 by Sample Size
9.4 Production Cost Analysis
9.5 Mass Production Equipment Analysis
9.6 Panel Cost Analysis

10. OLED Lighting Panel Market Forecast
10.1 Total
10.2 by Application
10.3 by Substrate

11. OLED Lighting Emitting Material Market Forecast
11.1 Total
11.2 by Layer
11.3 by Substrate
11.4 OLED Display vs. OLED Lighting

12.OLED Lighting Products and Technology Roadmap

13.OLED Lighting Project List



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