OLED Manufacturing Equipment Annual Report


The data used for this report has been compiled, based on OLED companies’ information, though wired/wireless communication or in person, and participation in exhibitions, conferences, and seminars with the organizers’ consent.

The market forecast data in this report has been collected through simulation based on expected operation rate and yield rate on the basis of UBI Research’s DB in accordance with investment trends and the technological level of AMOLED panel companies.


Executive Summary
A summary for quick understanding of entire report.

Issue Analysis
Due to China’s aggressive LCD investment, LCD competitiveness of other countries’ display panel companies are worsening. As Samsung Display and LG Display’s competitiveness achievement in large area TV market is estimated to be difficult, it is expected that large area OLED panel mass production will be a necessity for premium products. However, price competition with LCD seems inevitable; OLED panel mass production line’s investment cost reduction is required. Therefore, rather than new investment, it is analyzed that Korea should invest in large area LCD mass production line, which possesses weakened competitiveness, and convert it to OLED panel mass production line.
This report forecast Korean panel companies’ large area OLED complementary investment volume to assist in OLED related companies’ business strategy planning.
Samsung Elec. proved marketability of flexible AMOLED panel applied smartphone with the phone’s higher demand than expectation. To match, it is analyzed for Apple should consider flexible AMOLED panel applied iPhone series. Required capa. for forecast sales of the two companies have been evaluated and analyzed forecast investment volume following this.

Comparison Analysis of OLED Process
OLED panel processes have been divided into TFT, pixel formation, and encapsulation and organized by process order, required equipment per each step, and key companies.

Key OLED Supply Chain
Equipment supply chain of the key panel companies, Samsung Display and LG Display, have been compiled according to processes for easy comparison.

Key Panel Companies Investment Trend
Based on the current status and forecast investment plan of key AMOLED panel companies, the investment trend has been organized by country and company. This will be able to assist in business strategy planning of AMOLED value chain companies.

Manufacturing Equipment Market Forecast
Based on investment scenario found on key AMOLED panel companies’ roadmap until 2020, forecast OLED equipment investment timing and demand, and provided comparison analysis. Forecast new investment market and complementary investment market to enable each equipment companies to better organize investment plan and market strategy. This has been analyzed by process/country/generation/technology.

Analysis of Korean OLED Manufacturing Equipment National Projects
Analyzed OLED equipment related national projects of Korea, a country that is leading the AMOLED panel industry. This will assist in determining the direction that OLED mass production equipment development should head toward in future.

Manufacturing Equipment List
Complied manufacturing equipment that are handled by key OLED equipment companies to review competitors within OLED panel companies’ supply chain. This section was prepared to enable OLED panel companies to organize lists of companies that can supply mass production equipment.

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1. Executive Summary

2. Issue Analysis
2.1 Analysis of Large Area Complementary Investment Line
2.2 Flexible OLED Manufacturing Equipment Market Forecast

3. Comparison Analysis of OLED Process
3.1 Outline
3.2 Oxide TFT Process
3.3 LTPS TFT Process
3.4 Pixel Formation Process
3.5 Encapsulation Process
3.6 Back-end Process
3.7 Flexible AMOLED Process

4. Key OLED Supply Chain
4.1 Samsung Display
4.2 LG Display
4.3 Summary

5. Key Panel Companies Investment Trend 
5.1 Korea
5.2 China
5.3 Japan
5.4 Taiwan
5.5 Summary6. Manufacturing Equipment Market Forecast
6.1 Outline
6.2 Total Market
6.3 New Investment Market
6.4 Complementary Investment Market
6.5 TFT Equipment Market
6.6 OLED Equipment Market
6.7 Encapsulation Equipment Market

7. Analysis of Korean OLED Manufacturing Equipment National Projects 

8. Manufacturing Equipment List



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