OLED Material and Component Market Track

Publishing schedule
March Publication
2019 OLED Material and Component
Report (PDF 67p) Market Track(Excel)
· Sales Performance
· Market Forecast
April Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec

This report is provided with Market Track.

Market Track: Annual market data and one quarter market track.

Additional quarterly market tracks are available only to buyers who have purchased reports and market tracks.

Market Track Yearly Data Quarterly Data
OLED Material and Component ASP Yearly ASP Quarterly ASP
Market forecast Yearly forecast summary Quarterly forecast summary
Yearly sales forecast Quarterly sales forecast
Yearly usage forecast Quarterly usage forecast
Sales performance Yearly sales performance summary Quarterly sales performance summary
Yearly sales performance Quarterly sales performance
Yearly supply volume Quarterly supply volume
Components & Material Unit 2016 2017
Substrate Substrate glass $/㎡
Carrier glass $/㎡
Polyimide $/kg
Encapsulation Frit glass $/kg
Encapsulation glass $/㎡
TFE $/kg
Metal Foil & FSA $/㎡
Touch sensor On-cell touch $/㎡
Add-on Touch $/㎡
Over coat $/kg
Polarizer Polarizer $/㎡
Adhesive OCR $/kg
OCA $/㎡
Cover window 2D glass $/㎡
3D glass $/㎡
Colorless polyimide $/㎡
Module Driver IC & COF $/ea
Complex sheet $/ea
Process Film $/ea