This report presents a PMOLED and AMOLED’S Product road map and Technical Road Map that are essentially required for OLED panel enterprises, set enterprises using OLED, and including all associated enterprises to examine.
Also, it easily explains special features of OLED structure and the core materials forming the OLED. It also attaches the materials and structures of recent 10 years analyzed displayed organic material enterprises’ patents and representative OLED material enterprises’ development trend.

In order OLED to have serious entry into the market is to turn pocket size PMOLED into AMOLED products. In PMOLED, though Samsung SDI is in process of presenting 1.5 inch external mobile phone and 1.7 inch internal products, the AMOLED 2” mobile phone display will be presented in the market to bring out the expectation of QCIF and QVGA products come to the fore. After all, in order to definitely grab the place in the display market, it is required OLED material development to be preceded so that the TV and monitor market’s early entry is being actualized.

In this report presents the procedure of PMOLED and AMOLED’S Product road map and Technical Road Map development in the future OLED market and entry conditions for expected entry products. In addition, it makes possible to grasp the newly OLED entry enterprises and material enterprises’ development trend since the report contains the representative OLED material enterprises’ most recent research results.


1. Product road map
2. Technical road map

1. Backplane materials
1.1 poly-Si TFT section and constitution materials
1.2 PMOLED substrate section and constitution materials

2. Pixel materials
2.1 OLED pixel section and constitution materials
2.2 Emission Process
2.3 OLED emission/supplement material basic specialties
2.4 Hole Injection Layer (HIL)
2.5 Hole Transfer Layer (HTL)
2.6 Electron transfer layer (ETL)
2.7 Emission materials
2.8 Electrode materials

3. Encapsulation materials
3.1 Encapsulation classification
3.2 Can Encapsulation
3.3 Main glass can patent
3.4 Packaging can transformation through moisture absorption
3.5 Moisture absorption associated main patent
3.6 Sealing materials
3.7 Sealing structure main patent
3.8 Thin Film Encapsulation
3.9 Hybrid Encapsulation
3.10 Hybrid Encapsulation main patents

IV. Brand new emission material development status
1. Eastman Kodak
2. CDT
3. Novaled
4. Merck
5. Sharp
6. UDC

V. Recent organic material patent by main enterprises
1 Eastman Kodak
2 Idemistu Kosan
3 Toyo Ink
4 Vistom, UDC, and CDT
5 LG Chemical

VI. OLED Material enterprises list

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