Quarterly OLED Market Report for TVs

Executive summary 

  1. Status of Panel Companies 
  2. Analysis of Mass Production Lines and Capacity 
    2.1 Quarterly Substrate Area
    2.2 Annual Substrate Area
  3. Market Performance 
    3.1 Quarterly Sales
    3.2 Annual Shipment
  4. Supply-Demand Analysis 
    4.1 Quarterly Supply-Demand Analysis
    4.2 Annual Supply-Demand Analysis
  5. Market forecast 
    5.1 Sales Forecast
    5.2 Shipment Forecast
  6. Manufacturing cost of OLED Panels for TV 
    6.1 Manufacturing cost analysis for 55 inch OLED Panel
    6.2 Manufacturing cost analysis for 65 inch OLED Panel
    6.3 Manufacturing cost analysis for 77 inch OLED Panel
  7. Price Trends of OLED Panels for TVs
    7.1 Quarterly Price Trends of OLED Panels
    7.2 Annual Price Trends of OLED Panels